My big boy is interested in running

He began asking if he could go for a run with several months ago.  We tried to go but he lost interest and it ended up being more of a walk with some sprints.  Well fast forward to now and he is insisting that we go for a run together.  He is already really active with soccer during the week so we will try and do this on the weekend.  I’m going to do a couch-to-5k approach with us heading out for 20 min or so and do walk run intervals to build him up slowly.  I think he will do great and won’t take long for him to be running a mile continuously in no time.  He loves playing soccer so here are a couple shots from last year.  He is super excited about starting this year.  His first real practice was last week and the regular schedule starts on Monday.

I didn’t realize that the triathlon world had expanded to kids tri’s until I’ve seen multiple friends that have kids competing in them.  I showed him   and he loved it.  He can already ride his bike with us for over 6.5 miles so that’s not an issue and we will work on his running (not really thinking its weak since he’s so active).  We have to work on his swimming (his weakest sport).  I found a swimming class I need to get him in.  It’s in late November so that it won’t conflict with soccer, now the problem, I have to get over to the dive shop and physically sign him up.  That’s the main reason I haven’t had him in classes in a while, I can’t get over there during weekday business hours and when I finally do, the class is already full.  I’ve got to do it this time.


I’m thrilled that he is this excited to run with me and potentially start doing tri’s just like me.  That’s my goal for next year and I’m as excited about my journey as I am for him.  Very cool!!!

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