Three 5k’s I’m interested in but . . .

I need my oldest son’s soccer game schedule.  UGGGGGG!!!  that’s an understatement on how I feel about this.  I’m a planner and really like to have all my stuff planned out and put on the calendar.  So because of all the rain we’ve been getting (mostly from the last hurricane) they delayed the start of the soccer season and evaluations have been postponed several times.  Because of the group my big boy is in, we didn’t have to go to evaluations but we needed them to get done so they will set the schedule.  I think they were eventually done in a fire station because of rain.


So here are three that I would like to do but I don’t know if I can, obviously I can’t do them all because two are on the same day but I love options 🙂 – October 20 and it’s seriously local – October 27 and it sounds really cool

Rootin Tootin Roundup 5k Trail Run – – October 27 supports a great cause and it’s super local too


so If his games are not super early 9 am, then I can hit a local 5k for sure and on other days meet up with the running group.  So you see why this bugs me.  I hate not knowing.  The schedule is due out any day now (that’s what they’ve been saying for weeks now) but his first game is on September 22, so you know it has to come out before that.  I just hope it’s not sent out on Friday night.

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