Group run today!

I got out this morning despite my little man still running a fever.  We went farther – 4 miles today.  I was able to run most of it and took walk breaks as I needed too.  Me and another lady stayed together for most of the way.  I needed to refill my water bottle so she went on ahead – afraid if she stops she won’t make it back – I completely get it.  It was good, I pushed myself to go farther and run for longer sections.  My oldest son’s soccer schedule is to be out any day now and that will tell me how often I can meet up with this group.  I would love to every Saturday but between soccer and GT football that may not always happen.  I will just try to as often as I can.


One funny is that while I was running I had a couple guys comment that they thought I had the best running outfit award today.  Just so you know I was wearing my blue argyle running skirt and pink compression sleeves.  You couldn’t miss me if you wanted to.


Me and my little man will be hanging out today while the big boys head off to the GT Football game.  Stinks that I will miss it because I will miss being with my friends but I need to take care of my little guy.

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