Woohoo!! I got to take new pictures!

I’ve been stuck weight wise for several months but I’m still shrinking in inches.  Well I’ve even been stuck for several weeks with zero changes.  That can get frustrating after a while.  I completely forgot to measure myself yesterday when I was working from home.  Well I’m home today with my youngest son because he is running a fever.  So I’m still stuck at the same weight but I went ahead and took my measurements not expecting anything.  Well I was surprised 🙂  I’ve lost a 1/2 inch off my ribcage and 1 inch off each leg right above my knees.  That brings my grand total to 22.5 inches of me are GONE!!!!  Woohoo!!!  So after my shower I took new pictures and here  you go.

I know, I’ve been stuck at this same weight for too long and that means I need to change up something.  Since I’m still loosing inches, I need to change up my food.  I will work on a plan this weekend.  Also excited that I’m running with a group tomorrow morning and the weather will be great.  Yes I know I already talked about that, but I’m loving the nicer weather.

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