Doing well this week

Tuesday night the weather was cooling off (not 90 anymore and 50% humidity) so it feels like a cold snap around here.  I know I live in the south and we are “used” to it.  But that doesn’t mean I like it.  I’m loving the lower humidity so I was able to escape out of the house for an evening run.  It was 77 F and 52% humidity and there was a nice breeze coming off the lake.  As I was getting ready to start running a few ladies asked me about my running skirt and we talked about their running group and MRTT

So I headed out and at first it was feeling terrible, was even thinking about walking more than running but I trudged on.  Finally after a few more minutes I got into a comfortable pace.  I was glad because I wanted to have a nice run outside.  Made the first mile in about 12:30 min or so.  I forgot my watch and used the stop watch on my phone to just see how long it was taking me.  I’m finally starting to see the need for a gps running watch.  So the engineer is me is researching them.  more on that later.  I decided to do 3 miles and turned around just after this stupid hill that I hate but my friend Tammy will be proud, I ran both sides of it.  I did have a couple minute stop when I found a friend and her whole family out for a golf cart ride.  I made it back to my car in just over 43 min so not too shabby and it’s confirming I am pretty consistent at 12-13 min miles.  So for a slightly bad start my run ended pretty good and I was able to come home, shower, eat dinner and put my boys to bed.

So I tried out my new shoes and so far I like them.  My toes didn’t fall asleep (I have that problem with some shoes) and my shins felt ok.  I’m being extra critical but overall I think they are good for my feet.

Today was zumba day, which was normal crazy fun.  Then I had a fun lunch with the hubby.  I packed up a lunch and went and picked him up.  We ate our picnic lunch on a bench overlooking the lake.  Then we walked back to his work and then I turned around and walked/ran back to my car.  Wore my new shoes for the walk/run and had no problems.   So the plan is to go for a group run Saturday morning and I’m expecting the weather to be in the 60’s and 50-60% humidity.  It will be heavenly.
So I got recommendations for several Garmin gps watches.   Then a fellow running mom gave me a link to the best blog ever.  This guy over in Europe tests out all kinds fitness gadgets including a pretty extensive gps watches list.   Here is his blog –  So I started looking around and checked out the Garmin Forerunner 110 and the 10.  I like both of these since they are entry level watches and apparently pretty easy to use.  After reading his review on both, I am just about sold on the 10.  In his review, he pretty much described me on the type of runner that would use this watch.  It’s not fancy but has plenty for what I need – i.e distance, pace, time.  It’s not available on amazon yet (my favorite place to buy stuff) but should be there soon.

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