Great run last night!

I already had a run planned for last night when one of the ladies in my running group posted.  She asked if anyone wanted to walk or do a slow 3 mile run.  I couldn’t say yes fast enough.  We met in her neighborhood at 7:15 pm.  We had one other lady show up too with her 4 week old baby girl.  We were seriously impressed that she was coming out for a run at 4 weeks postpartum.   They loved my rainbow socks and I even had someone comment on them while we were running.  🙂 We headed out and it was great to have company.  We chatted the entire time and I loved it.  They were wonderful and very motivating.  They pushed me to run farther than I have without stopping.  We did take a break after a pretty big hill.  My legs felt good and I’m proud of my progress.  We  did the 3 mile route in just over 40 minutes and a ~13 min/miles.  Pretty much dead on with my current pace.  At least I consistent.   I very quickly stopped worrying about how fast or slow I’m going.  I’m moving and that’s better than most that are still sitting on the couch.

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