My weekend just got crazy busy



So I was sitting at lunch talking with my friend about an upcoming scrapbooking retreat that we were both going too.  I made a comment “well you have time it’s in two weeks” she answers “No it’s this weekend.”  Oh Crap!!!!  We both believe that it was originally the weekend of August 25th but our wonderful host moved the date one week earlier.  So when the emails went out about paying for and reserving your seat, I just did and paid no attention to the fact that the date had changed.  I had a pretty calm weekend planned with me and my boys going up to my parents house so that my big boy could sing for the Great Day of Service at a nursing home.  We would hang out with Granmommie and Dan-Dad on Saturday and go to church on Sunday.  I would end the weekend with a bike ride.  Then we can head home and start our week all over again.


Well now what do I do?????  Me and my friend discuss and actually figure out a plan that will work.  I will drive up Saturday morning up to the nursing home with both boys (and their stuff) and meet my mom.  She will take them and I can go scrapbook for the day (especially since I’ve already paid for it and I’m going no matter what :)) and the boys will hang out with them.  Most likely they will rent a movie and make popcorn and do other fun stuff.  I will get back late (could be as late as midnight) and crash.  We will all go to church and yes I will get my bike ride in.  Once I leave Saturday morning I won’t stop moving until I get back home Sunday night.  My hubby can have some uninterrupted time to replace his heater core in his car and help his friend with his boat (the one we went to the lake with) since the carburetor is acting up.


Well I need to fit a run in this week, I ended up having to move my dentist appointment that I originally had scheduled because of one of my big boys camps.  I couldn’t be in two places at once (40 miles apart) so I moved it.  I pretty much had to take whatever was available.  I love 4 pm appointments because I take the least amount of sick leave from work and then I can go home.   This time I get a 1:30 appointment since I had to take the first available.  So I’m going to take advantage of being off for half a day.  Once I’m done with the dentist, I’m going to go run in my Mother-in-Law’s neighborhood.  It’s a huge neighborhood with lots of sidewalks, trees, lakes and a golf course.  So it will be a nice change in scenery.  I’m still a little sore from my kettlebell workout but I will run what I can and take breaks when I need too.  Here is the route I am going to take and the elevation, it’s going to be a little hilly but that’s ok – I need to do more hills than are on my normal route.   I’ve got all my clothes and gear I need in my car.  I will change at the dentist’s office and then drive over.  It’s going to be a little hot but not horrible so I’m bringing two water bottles.  I will pass by my car at about 2/3 of the route so if I need more water I can grab it.

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