Yesterday’s run SUCKED!!!!

I headed out with a good feeling about my run.  That was smashed pretty quickly.  My lower back and hips were already sore and mad.  I just felt very tired.  It was hot (not terrible) and humid (worse than it was suppose to be) so I was dripping pretty quickly.  I was already upset that I was walking more than I wanted too.  I’m not sure if I walked or ran more over the whole route.  Which sucks!  I know I can do better than that.  It didn’t help that I had to pee 1/2 way through.  I did get a pit stop and instead of stopping (giving up) I decided to finish the whole 3 mile route even if I am walking more than I want too.  The second part was better which made me feel a little better.


So as I was frustrated during my run, I had a small revelation.  This was the second run in a row that I felt tired (ignoring the fact that my back is sore that’s because of my kettlebell workout) and disappointed in my performance.    So Shannon (my nutritional response expert) came into my head that I probably need to slow down.  I ended up getting a moderate headache and once I got my boys to bed I took 3 advil and crashed with ice packs on my head and neck.  I also slept horrible, tossing and turning and waking up several times.  So that confirms it, I need to take a couple days off.  I am working on fixing/repairing my adrenal fatigue with Shannon and it’s been getting better slowly.  My sleeping had been pretty good and I was actually sleeping all night (when my boys don’t wake me up) so the fact that I went backwards and slept terrible really speaks volumes that I need some time off.  So here I am working from home and I can’t don’t need to go to Zumba today.  That sucks because I love going so much.  So I’m going to only do stretching/yoga for the next 3 days and then go for my bike ride on Sunday.  Then I will see how I am feeling.


One other thing that is bothering me is my acid reflux.  I’ve got severe reflux and I’ve had it since I was in high school.  The past two weeks my stomach is off, sour, and general queezy.  So I’m going to my regular doctor today to see her thoughts before I make the trip up to my gastroenterologist.


Sorry that this post is more complaining than fitness success or neat stuff I’m doing.  So here is your happy part of the post – I’ve lost an inch from my rib cage.  I hadn’t been measuring at my rib cage, but instead at my bust line.  Well my bust measurement hasn’t changed at all (I’m happy about that because that means my boobs haven’t gotten smaller :)) so randomly I measured my rib cage last week.  I checked it again this week and it’s down an inch.  So that now brings me to a total of 19.5 inches of me are GONE!!!  That makes me very happy.  🙂


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