One more post for the day!

Obviously I am a little chatty today. 🙂


Got my kettlebell workout done today.  As I get more tired as the night goes on, I have doubts I am going to get it done.  This is when I wish I could actually get up a little earlier in the morning and get it done.  Yeah that isn’t going to happen.  Started OTM Workout #4 – it started great but by the time I was doing 20 swings per set and had been doing them for 7 sets, my arms were giving out.  Which is a great thing because my back has been my weak point and has caused me to stop a workout early.  So this is a good thing.  I took longer rest breaks as I went along until I was resting about 1 min in between sets.  But I finished the bottom end of the workout just barely.  So I have some work to do.  It will be interesting to see what gets better first – amount of rest time or the number of  of sets.

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