Trying something new

I have a love/hate relationship with Gatorade.  I don’t really like it but can tolerate the lemonade flavor.   I’ve seen on a few other fitness blogs that I read, people using Nuun tablets.  I had a free minute yesterday afternoon after work so I ran through the Vitamin Shoppe.  I got some protein powder and found two flavors of Nuun that I wanted to try.  I dropped a tablet into my water cup this morning to try it out.  No I’m not going to drink it while I’m just sitting at work all the time.  That would be a waste.  But I wanted to see how I liked the flavor.  I got the Tri-berry and Lemon+lime.  So far I like the berry.  I will try out the other one later.  I will officially use them on a run this week and on my next bike ride which should be Sunday. 


Update:  Loved the berry, tasted the Lemon-lime and I think its great too.  Seriously happy that I found something other than Gatorade that I can drink.

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