23 mile bike ride is in the books

I had a super busy day yesterday.  Once I got my boys fed for lunch, we loaded up the van with all of their stuff and my bike, plus gear.  My boys are staying for an entire week at my parents house. I’m not sure how to behave 🙂  I got up there just in time.  I ran a quick trip over to Academy Sports because I really wanted the neon green jersey I saw a couple weeks ago.  I got back with just enough time to change and then head out the door for my ride.  It was a hot and humid day yesterday and we could really tell.  There was a group of 5 of us that were doing the 20ish mile route.  I think 3 of us kept having chain issues, popping off or getting stuck.  The last time was my own fault, I changes gears from the middle cog to the smallest at the wrong time.  My chain hopped off.  Overall we did great.  We could tell is was hot and were using up our water and gatoraide faster than the last time.  Somewhere around 1/2, there is a small babtist church.  There were a bunch of cars so we figured they were having meetings or choir rehearsals.  I peaked through the front door and someone waved me in.  Me and one of the ladies came in with armfuls of water bottles.  I pointed at my bottle and then pointed at the water fountain.  They were having  choir rehearsal and waved at us and gave us thumbs up.  We filled up the bottles we had in hand and went back outside.  We were all so thrilled that the water was cold, that I went back in with two more bottles to refill with cold water.  Hot water is not refreshing at all by the way.  So we got cold water and invited to come back for choir rehearsal.  🙂  Aside from a few more chains popping off (yes I think I need to get my bike adjusted) we did great.  Even took on a big, long hill – Stewart.  It’s really nice going down, it’s the coming back up that is the killer part.  Overall it took us about 2 hours to make the 23ish mile route, a little slow but we did it.  I actually got a picture of all of us that rode together.  I’m on the far right in the neon green jersey and blue head wrap.



Another huge fitness win for my house, we got a treadmill (my sister’s) down here in my van last night.  We got it into the house.  It needs some adjusting because the belt is slipping some but it’s here.  Hopefully, we will have it ready to go and I can use it to run one night a week or so and my husband plans on walking on it.  Very cool.  I’m resting today but will do some yoga and stretches tomorrow.  Wednesday I am planning on running; Thursday will be Zumba and kettlebells and Sunday is another bike ride.  Should be a good week.  I might be able to get to a yoga class Thursday night and if I do then I will swing my bell on Friday.  So there you go there is the plan (which obviously is subject to change at any moment) and now I’m going to bed.

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