Kettlebell kicked my butt tonight.

I planned on doing my swing workout yesterday and just didn’t get around to it.  I had to get it in tonight.  My hip and sciatic nerve have been poking at me and my back kicked in during my workout.  Went to the chiropractor this morning and she did some specific adjustments for my sciatica.  I started out strong and was able to cut my rest times down for the first 2/3 of the workout.  Once I got to the 18-20 swings per set my back was  so tired.  I cut short about 3 sets, I just couldn’t finish it and I didn’t want to hurt myself.  I’m sitting with an ice pack on my back watching the olympics – swimming events.  I’ve got a busy day tomorrow with taking my boys up to my parents house for the week and I’m going for a 20 mile bike ride.

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