Thursdays – my day to really push myself (or kill myself in the process)

I really like to push myself one day a week and have two good workouts. That day is usually Thursday because I get to work from home. So first thing in the morning I head out to Zumba and get my booty shakin on with one of my favorite instructors (I will post more about her later). I come back home and work all day on my laptop, enjoying my dogs and quiet house. When my day is done, I like to go out for a run or now that I have a bike – a bike ride. Today I took off with my bike to get a workout in before I needed to get my boys. I had huge aspirations that I would try to do two loops around the 10k route that is marked by the local running club. Well only 2 miles into it, i realized my rear was more sore from the family bike ride on Monday. So at that point I knew I would just aim to finish the 6.2 miles and try to do it quicker than we did it. That really wasn’t hard, since we were riding with both boys and that requires a few water/snack stops along the way. So I managed to get the 6.2 miles done in just over 36 min. Based on my little computer on my bike, I averaged 11 miles per hour. So I think not to bad and it gives me something to work on. As I get stronger, the plan would be to get faster and then add distance.

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