My fitness journals

Something so simple has been a huge motivation and help in my journey.  Since starting my journal, I’ve read in multiple places that keeping a workout journal seriously increases your results and outcome.  This is because you keep track of what has worked or not worked and how you feel about it.  Sometimes my entries are as simple as ” ran 20 min and it sucked” so it doesn’t have to be this gushing entry that moves everyone who reads it.  I’m an engineer, there is no gushing in my vocabulary.  I can write things that are technical and detailed all day but don’t ask me to write something creative.  So you all will notice this  blog won’t have that tone because I can’t do that.  You will get my random streaming brain that comes up with all kinds of things and then I have to get it written down.  So here are my two journals.  If you really want to see what’s in some of them, let me know and I will take more pictures.

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