Running my 5th 5k on Sunday

I’m running my 5th 5k on Sunday.  The original plan was to run this one with a friend who also had just started a run/walk program.  There was to be no worries about finishing in a specific time, just to complete it with my friend.  Well she has an injury that if she keeps running she will run the risk of getting a stress fracture and really derailing her running.  So I don’t blame her at all for skipping this one.  So now it’s just me doing this one.  I’ve been struggling with fatigue so my runs end up feeling like I’m dragging lead weights for feet.  That’s not a pleasant feeling.  So I’m a little unsure how this race will go.  I’m trying to go into it with an open mind that it’s 3.1 more miles than the average person does and it doesn’t matter how fast or slow I am, just finish.  In reality I would like to at least finish it faster than my first 5k which was 47 min and change.  We will see how it goes.  Here is the race that I am doing.

One neat thing is that it’s also a triathlon and I want to do one or two next year.  So I get to experience the chaos first hand and see what I will be getting myself into.  I will post a complete race report with at least a bad self portrait after I finish.

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