Triathlons – am I crazy, maybe not

I’m now having fun researching small triathlons.  I obviously do well if I have something to work for and have a goal.  I’ve found two great races that are done yearly.  the first is Iron Girl which is run at Lake Lanier in May.  The second is a Sprint tri (shorter one) that is in Peachtree City in August.

I actually have a friend that is running the Iron Girl this year and loves them.  she started doing them b/c she has a love/hate relationship with running.  and actually said that the training for it is not extreme or overwhelming.

another friend recommended this book, I flew through it and really enjoyed it.

Finished this one pretty fast on triathlons – First Triathlons: Personal Stories of Becoming a Triathlete

Already several of the stories have me in tears for good reasons.

The third book i’m reading is about running and being a mother.  I already read  – Run like a mother – and LOVED it

the same two ladies wrote another book called – Train like a mother – I’m only a few chapters into it but i LOVE it too.

so I’m starting to collect my info to help me with this journey.  I plan on getting in shape this year and then once I hit January then I will start training for my first tri.  it’s exciting, frightening and everything in between.  I’ve made me a new fitness book just for triathlons.  It has multiple sections so I can organize things as I get more info.  Inspirational, training plans,  and a journal section.

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