Ok so I started this journey, what has happened since then part 2?

The 4th 5k I ran was the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Atlanta, GA.  I ran it with the same coworker as the Color Run.  This race wasn’t timed either and you are to traverse 10 or so obstacles in addition to running.  We made it our goal to get covered in mud and share the wealth with others. I was really proud of myself because I made it over the cargo net.  This thing was super high and I’m terrified of heights.  I was cussing my friend out the entire time but I did it.  Took me a few minutes to stop shaking but then we were able to carry on.  Too bad her husband couldn’t get pictures of that.

So with all this running, I am actually shrinking.  The weight is slowing coming off but inches are falling off.  I have been measuring myself almost every week since I started running and started taking pictures in January.  I take a new picture whenever there is a difference.

From left to right, Summer 2011, January 2012, February 3rd, February 17, March, and April


My favorite one shows January next to May 1st when I could fit into a smaller size shirt.

I have lost a total of 13 inches from my body.

Waist: 4 inches

Arms: 1/2 inch each

Thighs: 4.5 inches from each

Hips: 4 inches

I’m down 13 lbs and 5% body fat since 1 year ago.  It’s slow but it’s steady and I’m fitting into clothes that I had to be 6+ lbs lighter the last time I put them on. This journey so far has not been easy but I’m seeing results based on my hard work.

This is the first time in a very long time that I am this driven, committed and ready to do this.  The last time I felt this way was before I got pregnant with my oldest.   I was going to the gym 3 times a week and loving spinning classes.  I was only 10 lbs above what I weighted when i got married and about 15-20 lbs away from my ultimate goal.  After having both my boys, I would want to loose weight but wouldn’t have the drive to do it.  I would start, loose 5,10 or so lbs and then get frustrated.  Then I would flounder around like a fish out of water until i tried something else and then would repeat the cycle.  this time is different – I have the push that I need to get my cholesterol down, I know i’m over weight and I need to put myself first.  I’m finally in a good place in my head where I have goals and see myself achieving them and getting results.  I truly never thought I would ever say that I am going to run much less run 5k’s.

I got me a new/used bike from a friend and I’m going to start riding.  This has lit a fire under my husband and he pulled his bike out and put new tires on his.

Getting a bike has got me thinking. . .  i really don’t think I will really ever “LOVE” running.  right now it’s a way for me to push myself and get healthy.  but the thought of running any more than 5k’s or possibly 10k’s just doesn’t even appeal to me.  Then i read an article about small triathlons.   So now i’m completely intrigued on tri’s.  I’ve now decided my new goal is to do one or two sprint length triathlons next year.   I’m going to continue getting myself fit and healthy this year and run as many 5k’s as I want to and then next year start training for my first tri.

Two things that have helped motivate myself – First, I created a fitness journal where I put everything.  I mean everything – inspirational things, running routes, measurements, pictures, recipes, workouts, journal notes and so on.  I carry this thing everywhere and love writing and putting stuff into it.  Second, I pay myself $1 a workout, $2 if I kicked butt and $5 for every 5k I finish.  Then I cash it out and buy something I want.  It can be fitness related, that’s how I bought my running skirt, or not.  I bought yarn for my knitting habit.


So there you go, this is where I am now and I will continue to post my journey to help inspire, educate or whatever anyone that is interested.

3 responses to “Ok so I started this journey, what has happened since then part 2?

  1. Great job, I’m very of you and I don’t know you. I have to get myself in gear and I don’t know how. I’ve been going to the gym for a month now and only lost 3 lbs and I’m so disappointed. I know it’s my eating habit, not eating enough calories. I wish you the best of luck with everything. And by the way you look GREAT.

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