Ok so I started this journey, what has happened since then part 1?

I ran my first 5k after only 5 weeks of running. If I hadn’t taken the two weeks off at Christmas I would have been farther along, but it was my goal and I already registered for it so come hell or high water (or tornadoes which were headed our way) I was going to do it and be proud that I finished. I ran almost all of it, taking 3 walk breaks when I needed too, and finished the race in 47 min and change. I ran my second 5k just a a month after my first. It was cold (be nice I live in GA) 38 degrees F. I had to go get me some running tights to wear under my running skirt.

My complete race report on my 2nd 5k: I did it and got a new PR (personal record)!! I shaved off 7 min from my last 5k time. It was cold but I was ready and had the perfect amount of clothes on. I wore knit gloves and put my headband (that is to keep the sweat and hair off my face) down some to cover my ears. I coated my lips in Aquafor and stashed a little squatty water bottle in my pocket with some tissues (nose is going to run in the cold). This was a pretty small race but nicely run. There was a few dozen for each length – 1/2 marathon, 10k ad 5k and we had real bathrooms instead of portapotties. that was wonderful. for the 5k it was one lap around the park, pond area on paved paths with an out and back to a spot marked on the course for each length. I ended up last at the start but pretty quickly passed two ladies that were run walking and one guy. I stayed with another guy for the entire race. We kept passing each other in turn. he was part of the three that I passed earlier. They just started running this month. Somewhere like 1/2 way around this path my calfs were getting tight so I stopped and stretched them out and that made a big difference. I saw two other guys up in front of me that were running and walking sections. I slowly was catching up to them. When we were almost back to the pavilion where we would turn and do our out and back, I caught up to the two guys I had been watching. I passed them, I wonder if they were grumbling that they just got passed by a girl (and a short one at that) . I took one more short walk break as I was coming up to the pavilion. I grabbed some water and headed around for my last leg. I decided that I was going to run the entire last section. I knew if I stopped running I wouldn’t be able to get going again. I did it. I crossed “the finish line” which was a chalk line on the sidewalk and was rather surprised at my time. I couldn’t believe I ran it that much faster. It sure didn’t feel faster. I got a technical t-shirt and medal for completing the race. Its a small group that do these but small is good, so I will probably run another one done by these people. I now have the start of my bling collection from races. guess I need to search pinterst to figure out what to do with my numbers and metal(s). My mom took a bad cell phone pic with my phone (she doesn’t do well with new technology) and I’ve got my bad self portrait. Next scheduled race is at the end of March – the Atlanta Color Run

I actually got some race bling from the second 5k.  I think it’s pretty cool  😀
oh one more thing – I changed up my ipod shuffle music. After running for 9 weeks, i noticed several songs that when they would come up I would skip to the next song. I took off those and added a few new ones. When i was passing those two guys, Adele Rumor has it came on. I somtimes get some motivation from a song but not always. Well apparently I did with this one. I listened to the next song but wasn’t liking it right then so I backed up to Adele and told her in my head to take me home. so I listened to her over and over ( I think 2 or 3 times) to finish the race and I was singing along with her.

My third 5k was the Atlanta Color Run.  The idea behind this one is that you start the race all clean in a white shirt and you end the race covered in powdered paint.  This one isn’t timed, nor do you really care.  It’s all about running a race, having way too much fun and in my case (and a coworker) to get completely color bombed in the process.

So as you can see, we achieved our goal.

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