Why did I start this journey?

I started training to run a 5k in December b/c I had to do something to get positive momentum and loose weight. I had a physical in July and other than being overweight the only other abnormal result was my cholesterol. It’s a little high. My LDL is a little high, everything else is fine so therefore my overall is a little high. I tried for the months of August, Sept, Oct and Nov. to exercise and eat a good diet (I follow the diabetic guidelines, I’m not diabetic but my body seems to respond better to that). I did good for Aug and Sept, but then i got sick and my boys schedules went crazy. I spent the rest of October and November upset with myself that I couldn’t do this and I needed to go back for a followup and in my head my doctor was going to yell at me. Several of my friends run so I would periodically have a thought about running. Then my friend Lucy was talking to me. she is my inspiration – she has lost 200 lbs, ran 5 1/2 marathons, is a zumba instructor and wants to run a full marathon. She has arthritis in her knees and problems with her feet. If she can do it, i better figure out how too. I’m an engineer and really function better if I have a plan. So I got my couch to 5k plan, made me a fitness journal to keep everything and got me a few new pieces of clothing and socks to run in. December 2nd was my first day. I have been going strong (with a break at Christmas – i had all planned out when I was going to run the week before and after but life blew up and I got sick) ever since. I’ve only had one other time where I didn’t run in a week. I made it almost excuse proof so that I couldn’t come up with a reason why I couldn’t run. I use my neighbor’s treadmill usually one night a week or on the weekend if the weather is bad. I then try to get my other two runs on the golf cart paths around a local lake. I have shocked myself that I can actually do this.

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