Weight training – I know I need to do it!!


Once I figured out how to fit 3 days of running into my schedule, it’s been really hard to try and fit anything else in.  I commit to the running workouts because i have to leave the house to do it.  If I say i’m going to just do a workout video I will find every excuse in the book to why I can’t do it or I just will forget.  With running I have to actually schedule it and put it on my calendar plus run it by the husband so that he knows what’s going on.  Adding any kind of consistent weight training has been almost impossible so I need to figure out what will work.  I’m doing pushups (modified on the stairs so to not hurt my knees) and tricep dips off my bed.  I can tell I’m stronger but I need to do more.  So a friend has started using kettlebells and I’m intrigued.  I ordered a book she suggested and it came today.  I am excited to see what this will entail.

It has helped her in combination with the couch to 5 k program loose 7 lbs and 4.5 inches in 5 weeks.  she is doing two kettle ball workouts on her off days from running.  I will read and digest it first then will decide how i will fit it all in.  i know i need to do more strength training and it should help speed up my running pace which is really slow right now.

2 responses to “Weight training – I know I need to do it!!

  1. 5.25 inches total now. 🙂 – You can do this Anna! So inspired by how far you’ve come! Keep it up!

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