A year end review – 2013

I’ve had a big change right at the end of the year.  I got a new job!!!!  I left my previous job that I had for over 13 years.  I am super excited about this change but it means that my world is in some chaos and I have to find the new normal.  So bear with me as I figure out how to balance all of this new stuff with my crazy schedule.  🙂  So here is a look back at what I did over the past year.  It’s not boring at all, I mean come on you start with a Oompa Loompa!!!!

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First 10K!!!!


5k’s with friends are the best!!!


The Donna!!  Seriously the best thing I have ever done and I can’t wait to go back next year!!!!


Finding Swim Bike Mom!!


Fun 5k’s with my boy!


More fun 5k’s with friends.  I got to see her finish her first official race!!!

20130414-143756.jpg 20130414-143938.jpg

I got a big PR at Auburn!!  5k in 33:23!!

485456_10200731298592098_1432870762_n 934771_185341578289430_1510297452_n

First sprint triathlon in horrible weather conditions but I finished anyway!!!  very proud of myself for that one.

946378_10200847365133689_24473388_n 969522_189330224557232_1872536247_n 1002732_10201009540387969_685948046_n

2nd sprint triathlon at Callaway and was very proud of myself!!!  I did it!!


Hot Biscuit 5k!!!  come on, it’s all about the biscuits!!!

1006293_10201220469741071_1244285982_n 992828_10201220455580717_582745930_n

Final sprint triathlon!!! Finished the August PTC race in under 2 hours!!!!

20130818-101135.jpg Fullscreen capture 8212013 25251 PM Fullscreen capture 8212013 24858 PM.bmp

One of my best friends, best cheerleader and fabulous training partner!!!


94 miles of bike riding in 2 days! Bike for MS and I will be doing it again next year.

1239898_10201597679731085_408594071_n 1236156_10201601984038690_285982703_n

MRTT Photog at the Allstate 13.1!!! I got to see my wonderful Florida friends!!


PTC Classic!! more racing in the rain.  Yes I’m tired of that!!

Peachtree classic.bmp

But it did get me one of my absolute favorite race pictures thanks to my friend Susan.


Espirit de She in Piedmont Park!  I almost got a PR and was proud of my pace.


Swim and Run clinic put on my the one and only Swim Bike Mom!!!!  Loved it!


2 years of running and i got to celebrate it with 2 of my wonderful friends.  Yes I have lots of them.  🙂



So my totals are: 2013 I have done – 9- 5k’s, 2-10k’s, 4 sprint triathlons, and 1 2-day (94 mile) bike event.  16 events in total during 2013.

Running & Walking: 243.9 miles

Biking: 599.78 miles (I need to go ride for a 1/4 mile to get me at an even 600 miles lol)

Swimming: 27.38 miles

Total: 871.05 miles for 2013

I am seriously blown over on how far I have gone this year.

I’ve also shrunk myself over 39.5+ inches.  I’m transforming myself one step at a time.  Some days are slow and really hard but they help me get to my ultimate goal – a smaller, healthier me!!!

Just keep moving!!!

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