Long awaited post

Life got busy and I will elaborate just not right now.

So . . .  Espirit de She 5k.


I had a crazy day having to take care of my pour sick big boy but thankfully got it all in and dropped him off at his Grandmother’s house.  I flew home and quickly changed.  Threw my race gear in a bag and raced out of my house to meet these two lovely ladies!!!

525D193D-1221-4B69-AA6A-F9A9C074B2B1-722-0000016AF531CA2C_zps1ee8caccWe made it to Piedmont Park with plenty of time.  We packed up what we wanted in our drop bag and headed (after getting turned around trying to find a bathroom) to the start.  We made it and asked about a bag drop.  We were told there wasn’t one so we hiked back to the car and made another bathroom stop.  I took this one while we were walking.  My two friends dressed in opposites.  🙂


Then we hiked back to the start where we find out that they did have a bag drop but we were not walking back to the car again.  They had tents with some gear, check in, food and music.

1003526_533325493419484_626776174_nThe wind was blowing and the temps were falling.  I wore tights, skirt, and a long sleeve shirt.  I also brought gloves and wore my blue buff on my head.  We were getting updates from our other friends that were meeting us there.  They found us right before the start.  We started on 10th street and then turned into the park.  I had no plan but just to run.  I followed my friend Libby who is very good at snaking through crowds.  I was able to stay with her and had a good quick pace for the first 3/4 mile.  I took a quick walk up a slow incline and then started running again.  I maintained a upper 9 to 11 min pace for the next mile.  I took a walk break and took off my gloves and rolled up my sleeves.  I finally was warm.  I started back running with hopes to not stop until the finish but ended up taking two more quick breaks.  I was close to a new 5k PR so that’s what I was going for.  I got as fast as a 8:44 min/mile before slowing right before the finish.  I finished in 33:49 just off my fastest race at Auburn.  Right after I finished, we took this picture.

3550B075-84DE-4B23-B15E-D6233178C1C6-722-0000016AEAC4D24C_zps78993042I’m a sweaty hot mess but happy I’m done.  🙂  We hung around for only a couple minutes and then headed back to the car.  We made a pit stop for some dinner.  Overall the race was interesting.  They didn’t have the best set up and miscommunication was all around but the route was nice and yes pretty flat for being in Atlanta.  We got a bag and tank top for our swag.

Fullscreen capture 11212013 93912 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 11212013 93852 AM.bmp

OK on to other stuff . . .

I finally got to go on another bike ride.  The plan was to do up to 30 miles and help me work on hill climbing and gear changing.  Well about 8 miles into it we found out my de-railer was broken.  We got it back into my middle ring gear (up front) and headed back.  Total distance was 13 miles.  I dropped off my bike immediately at SCW.  That’s where we met for our ride.  Well 1.5 weeks later I still don’t have my bike.  The company shipped the wrong part first, then sent a broken part so hopefully 3rd times the charm right???  I got the word in the afternoon that my bike was done.  Turns out my chain was also stretched out so that was replaced too.  He cleaned it and adjusted several things for me too since they had it so long for something so simple.  I’m happy I have it back and plan on riding next week while I’m off for Thanksgiving.

Last weekend I got to go do an amazing little event.  A fellow mom and blogger (who I love to read her stuff and her book) Swim Bike Mom had a Swim and Run Clinic hosted by her new coaches.  I was so happy I was one of the lucky 20 that got to attend.  Here we are in the pool.  I’m the one in the middle with a white swim cap on.  It was great!!!!  I learned that my swim stroke is not bad at all and just needs some refining.  I need to work on bringing up my elbow so my catch is stronger/better and on bilateral breathing.  They taught us a drill that I can actually breathe on both sides with so I will use that in my swim workouts.


We spent 2 hours working on 4 key parts of our stroke.

IMG_36181So after a quick change and snacks we headed outside for the run portion of the clinic.

IMG_35951-e1384706020942 IMG_36061We worked on leaning (make gravity work for you), engaging your knees (the right way), dynamic warmup and cadence.  There is more than that but you get the picture.  It was a great group and I really enjoyed it.  Plus I finally got to meet Swim Bike Mom in real life!!!  We have been chatting on facebook for a little while.


I’ve felt like I’m in a small funk and I figured out why.  I don’t have a goal right now.  I have big scary goals of 2014 but they are far enough off that I can’t worry about them yet.  Another friend posted feeling like she was in the blues after finishing her half marathon.  I told her to pick a new goal.  well I need to take my own advice and figure out what I want to focus on right now until I need to worry about big scary goals of 2014.  More on that later, not telling yet.


Ok, finally I have positive movement in weight loss and inches lost.  I’m down almost 10 lbs since starting Trim Healthy Mama and I’m starting to loose inches again.  First it was a 1/2 inch from each upper knee/lower thigh and now this week it’s 1 inch out of each thigh.  That puts my grand total at 39.5+ inches of me are now GONE!!!!!  I am so happy to finally see changes again.  I will post new pictures sooner than later.  I think I may see changes in my waist and hips soon.  I can almost get the tape measure down to the next number so it’s coming.

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  1. You are a rock-star!!! Great job! And that class sounds really interesting. I might have to look into classes here for runners. I could use some help on my form. 😉

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