Peachtree Classic 5k

I did get to run in this race and I started this post last week and got side tracked.  Sorry about that.  I finally was able to determine I could run this race the last night of online registration (Wednesday).  I fought with the internet at home for a little while and then was able to do it.

The night before I was still debating what i was going to wear.  I just couldn’t make up my mind.  Finally was happy with a pink shirt a friend gave me, my Athleta Swagger skort and my running skirts compression socks.  I was so excited when I realized the pinks matched.  LOL

Thankfully this is not a super early race.  Women’s 5k starts at 8:40 am.  I left the house around 7:15 am to go to a friends house that is about 1 mile from the start.  A bunch of us met there so we could just walk over and not worry about parking.  The bad part – it was raining.  Seriously?!?!?!?!?!! Can we not have a race that involves rain!!!!  We got over there and found a bunch of friends.  We were suppose to take a MRTT group picture but someone we completely missed that.  The rain will screw with the best laid plans very easily.  I dropped my phone and jacket off with a friend and then headed out for my run.

The plan was to see if I could beat my PR from Auburn of 33:25.  This is a pretty flat (for the area) course and it would be possible.

So I set out at a good clip for me.  The first mile ticks along and I see it’s 10:30, I think WOOHOO!!!  I can do this!!  I take a short walk break at 1.5 miles to catch my breath and then keep going.  Second mile is 11:30, so a little slower but I’m still doing good.  Then at 2.25 miles I have to walk because my right hamstring (lower than my normal spot) has started to get tight – BOO!!!  so after a short walk, I start running again and after less than a 1/2 mile I’m walking again with a spot in my hamstring that hurt.  After a walk break and knowing that a PR isn’t possible, I start back running and immediately start walking again.  Hamstring is not happy.  So with about 1/4 of a mile left in the race I am able to start running again and finish with a smile on my face.  🙂

Peachtree classic.bmp Peachtree classic2.bmpI did get a friend to snap a picture of me after I was done.  I was hot for a while but once my body temp came back down I got cold quickly and was glad i had my jacket.


So I’m slowly working on my pilates routine to get my leg completely better.  I’ve done a couple runs and have had no tightness or pain which is great.

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