My friends do awesome things!!!


Went on a nice 18 mile ride with a friend on Sunday.    I’m now on Instagram (silly sisters get me to do new stuff) I added a link on the left if you want to follow me.  Weather was perfect and we had a great time wandering around on the roads.


Second part – I had a group of friends that were racing at the Augusta Half Iron Man.  I was having way too much fun tracking them and actually made a spreadsheet to keep all of us that were interested on their progress.  So here are a few pictures that I got from them.  So enjoy!!!  I think they are all awesome, wonderful, inspirational and so much more.

1375865_10151663868763587_261141525_n 1377209_10151663871148587_790540632_n 1377351_10151662705788587_177756031_n 1377375_10151663910463587_729184490_n 1377516_10151663915608587_2056021716_n 1377550_10153322591610595_1206136730_n 1381412_3663789690208_941127877_n 1383267_10153322591725595_32037124_n 1383876_10151665842508587_1032069178_n 1383987_10201495165875570_1012807989_n 1384197_10201495258717891_1613743695_n  64195_10201495237517361_2096740587_n 531961_10151665842688587_923520372_n 541397_10153323313280595_1496187039_n 547791_10151665842283587_2105849534_n 551214_3660431926266_2018969942_n 559837_10151663900633587_1973115218_n 960165_180630715457256_2025210654_n 970370_10201495096873845_237038929_n 993428_10153324852670595_2046925732_n 1173708_3667964994588_714404469_n 1209139_10151666154173587_756473851_n 1235038_10151662163768587_2084900696_n 1240095_3664278902438_572269682_n 1375809_10151663878303587_326662836_n9830_10151665841928587_1179274568_n

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