New Car Bling!

I found the cutest bike girl car sticker the other day and didn’t get it. Well now I can’t find it.  😦 plus I can’t remember exactly what it looked like.  So in my searching I found these two and decided to get them.  I found them on Cafe Press!!!


Fullscreen capture 9252013 103424 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 9252013 103545 AM.bmpI think they are great and can’t wait to add them to the back of my van.  No the window is not full (yet!!!)  hahahaha


So of course after I posted about the Bike MS weekend, I thought I things I didn’t put in there.

So first, yes I was mad at my two friends for not stopping/turning around/not telling me that they were going to do the century ride.  BUT!!!  I’m proud of them for finishing it, it’s not easy to be on a bike for 9+ hours and the last 26 miles were all up hill and very hard.  No I’m not mad at them anymore but I won’t bet on them staying with me hehehehe.  Thankfully I know i can do it all by myself which is a good thing.  Also next year, the 3 wonderful ladies I rode with on Sunday are already scheming to do the 60 mile route and I would love to have the group of us do it together.


Second, the volunteers at the event, seriously that’s what makes this such a good weekend.  They fed us, drove SAG vans (SAG is an acronym for “support and gear” or “support and grub”), rode motorcycles, manned the rest stops, at the medic/aid tents, gave massages, and you get the picture.  I made sure to thank all of them.  As I was riding, I thanked every police officer that was on the route.  I waved at the motorcycles as they rode past us (many had a route they patrolled) and toward the end the SAG vans were checking with us to see if we were ok.  I made sure to give a big thumbs up to everyone that passed me.  I was seriously surprised when I got to lunch and they had a gluten free option, so when dinner came around I asked (was told no by two others) but this one guy on the end called me down and had food for me.  So they thought of everything.  So I made sure to tell them THANK YOU!!!!


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