I’m back from vacation!!

We went on a Disney Trip with the boys and to a Grand National Mustang Car Show.  If you are FB friends with me then go check out my pics.


But before we left I did head back to my local bike show (Senoia Cycle Works) to try a new seat.  Yeah me and my white saddle didn’t completely get along.  I loved the profile but my sit bones hated the level of padding.  So after switching seats 3 more times i am trying this one.  It’s another Specialized seat I can’t remember which one right now but it’s got about the same profile as the Ruby that I had but has more padding in the rear.  Just ignore the random stuff in my garage.


BA920CCF-E18B-4F7F-80C4-75C46AB5E73E-5473-0000082B01984330_zps77404883Also a friend ended up with some Lizard Skin handle bar tape by accident when she ordered from a website.  They told her to just keep it b/c it wasn’t worth shipping it back.  So when she offered it up in our running group, I told her i would take it.  I had the bike shop put it on for me.  It was good timing b/c mine was coming off.  Now look!!!  It’s pretty!!! and has much nicer padding for my hands.  That will help in my 2-day right next weekend in Callaway Gardens for the Bike MS!!


Here is my Participant Page!!!


I reached my fundraising minimum which is great!!  Just have to pick up my packet this week  and then I’m ready to go!

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