Peachtree Sprint Triathlon Race Report

Ok I’ve got a bunch of pictures and I’m going on vacation next week so it’s now or never (well for another week at least).

Friday was a normal day at work, once I was done, I set out to the race site to pick up my packet and see where my transition spot was.

539DCAD2-7F2D-45F6-ADA8-669992C0C4D4-5549-00000A5BADF8272F_zpsfdb519fd 56567DE6-FDD8-4DBD-AB6F-0456353E5FEC-5549-00000A5BBE6FCFB3_zps6883a919 05CF310A-FD36-452E-883D-BD334D22886B-5549-00000A5BD4049EF5_zpsc2afb559

I ran into a bunch of my tri friends and just enjoyed chatting with them and making sure I knew where I was suppose to go on race day.

Do you want to see where I had to swim???

74F47872-C906-42CB-9D10-CE0DE21041C9-5549-00000A5BE6D2A198_zps418771bdI enter to the left of the picture.  They have a ramp for us to walk down and then hop in the lake.  It’s a slanted rectangle.  Go out following the yellow buoy, turn at the orange buoys and then follow the yellow back to these yellow flags.

Here is my wonderful friend Michelle, she was my buddy on race day too.

F4686429-287A-4C07-BE76-4214251DBE17-5549-00000A5C7AEE8F3C_zps928aaef5-1So I stayed for about an hour talking with friends and then headed home.  At some point I guessed it would be a good idea to get all my gear together.  I started just piling it up.  Then I laughed b/c a friend posted a pic for another race, saying “do you think I have everything?”  So here is my flat mama Amy style!!

82BFA5E8-E343-4B7C-812A-97950F04AA12-5549-00000A5C8AF80B20_zps3ee13b37Then that drove me nuts so here is everything and the extra stuff i had in my car.

1186804_10201395498756687_936487391_n 999445_10201395389273950_1815177366_nOk, got everything packed up and loaded into my car. i had extra trash bags, towels and plastic bags for my phone and keys just so that if I got wet, I was prepared for it.  No thunderstorms were in the forecast just drizzle.  Got my boys to bed and finally headed there myself.  I had a hard time settling down and probably woke up every other hour to make sure I didn’t over sleep.  Couldn’t turn my brain off apparently.

Alarm went off at 4:15 am and I took a few minites to lay there and play on my phone.  Dressed and ready in a few minutes, then I was downstairs getting coffee and my breakfast.  Several of us were already texting each other seeing how we were doing.  Water bottles filled up, food ready and I stretched my hip, then I was out the door at 5:05 am.  I’m the type that i would much rather be extra early and not stressed about that then getting there and fighting traffic, crowds etc.  I pulled into the closest parking lot they would let us be in at 5:15 am.  Found two MRTT friends almost right away.  We headed over to get our spots set up.   that’s my friends bike over some of my stuff.  next time I would set up my area straight back and not to the side.  it worked but i had to dodge her bike.  lesson learned.

1150971_10201402064520827_672315738_n 574461_10201402053960563_1054030886_nSee I’m wearing a jacket.  Yeah it was 63 degrees or so and sprinkling.  I walked around and found everyone that I knew was going to be there and a few others.

1149032_3535068312254_113491456_n 23901_10151797165184210_2099147189_n 971603_10201402041400249_1280311371_n 1170662_10201402042480276_1526916560_n 946354_10201402043880311_1876890435_n 1176303_10201402045400349_884473459_n 1013287_10201402051120492_721053372_n 1013040_10201402048800434_703458952_n 60812_10201402052320522_923083813_n 1173722_10201402054200569_1211795697_n 999609_10201402054800584_1329886668_n 1001928_10201402055640605_2092544848_n 1006051_10201402059360698_1978952508_n 1148787_10201402056720632_1509220852_n 543408_10201402059680706_1818876741_n 1002880_10201402063080791_309758748_n 1001741_10201402063320797_1508282983_n 1186146_10201402063920812_182412071_n 1148992_10201402065560853_1989292337_n 968914_10201402051680506_770635750_n 1209035_10201402053360548_839814212_n 1185753_10201402054640580_868474199_nOk, so it’s getting close to race time.  Michelle and I went down to see what the water temps were like.  We also both ate our pre-race gels so we would have the right fuel in our bodies.  I had my Apple Cinnamon Huma gel before the race and strawberries was for after the bike.  For the first time in this races history, the water temps were cool enough for it to be wetsuit legal.  So around 76 degrees.  With the air temps in the mid 60’s it would mean it’s chilly.  We got in and yes it was cool but not horrible.  We got out, ran back to our spots to put our flip flops up and then headed over to the swim start.   Can you see us?

9315_708422115838655_1345223815_nHehe why not??  I’m in the pink swim cap.  haha

Fullscreen capture 8212013 25251 PMOk here we are.  I love this picture.  🙂

You go 2-by2 every 5 seconds into the water.  It’s a nice controlled start and then not total chaos in the water.  You don’t get swam over or kicked as much as you do with a bigger group start.  I started to freak out a little but Michelle and another wonderful friend Shawn were there and reassured me I can do this.  It’s that feeling of oh sh&$ what am I doing.  We got up to the timing mats and it was our turn.  Michelle and I set out.  I took it nice and slow/consistent it’s ok to start slow you can speed up or just keeping going at a steady pace.  You don’t wear yourself out as fast to save energy for the rest of the race.  I just kept telling myself, “swim to the next buoy” and I did.  I actually passed people in the water which helps your self-esteem by the way.  I made it out in 13:40 min and I was thrilled.  I felt good.

Fullscreen capture 8232013 93513 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 8212013 24834 PM.bmpok, off to my transition spot to get ready for the next part.  I was able to jog to my spot.  At Callaway, I walked most of the way.  I felt like I was sucking wind.  This time felt better so that was great.  I saw Michelle getting ready and we yelled at each other.  Then I was off on the bike.  I did put my jacket on b/c I was cold coming out of the lake.  I’m glad I did.  I’m not in this to win, but to do this for me.  So if I need a jacket, then I will put it on.  I just tried to keep my momentum going on the bike and go fast enough but also use caution b/c it’s wet and it was sprinkling/spitting on us the entire time.  I was thrilled to see that I did the course is under an hour.  I had a goal in my head that I wanted to finish this tri in under 2 hours.

Fullscreen capture 8232013 93531 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 8212013 24823 PM.bmpI felt strong coming into transition and was able to dismount without crashing woohoo!!!!  And I’m still smiling!!!

Got into transition and changed shoes, helmet for my hat, grabbed my water bottle and Huma gel and then I was off.  See here is my pose!!!

Fullscreen capture 8222013 103313 AM.bmp

Do you know what the best sound in the world is????  An entire water station erupting into “IT’S ANNA!!!!!” when I came out of the woods and onto the pavement.  I grabbed water from one friend and smiled for a pic from another.

DB08A702-083A-47FD-BCFF-03939CAB680C-4060-000007A134039D20_zpsd41d9fceRight after that I had a friends husband (who was there volunteering the day before and wanted to come check out the race) heckling me saying I better run faster.  I turned around and threw water on him and my friend Jodi.  She yelled, “you got me!” and I gave her a huge hug and then set off.  Yes I know I needed that water but it was worth it to throw it on him.  haha!!!  I set off.  I did really well maintaining a constant pace at 12:30 for the first mile.  I came over to the other side of the lake to the boat docks where the next water station was and heard another chorus of “IT’S ANNA!!!!”  wearing a neon green skirt helps a ton 🙂  I didn’t know I had friends at this water station too!!!  I kept running constantly until just before the turn around at 1.3 miles. I then needed a walk break.  Walked a minute and then told myself i have to run back to the boat dock and then I can walk while I get water.  I did, as I came out of the trees and could see the water station, the cheering squad erupted again and my friend Kim saw me and gave me a big hug.  I needed that!!!  Well my heckler (Steve) was back, telling me he was going to chase me down and make me run faster etc.  I actually had no energy to answer him right then.  This middle mile became a hot mess.  I walked and ran, my legs were toast and tight in a few places.  Looking back I would call this my wall.  It wasn’t’ a huge wall, but in the way none the less.  I didn’t like how I felt.  Now I was worrying that Steve would chase me down and what would he do???  Had to push that out of my head and just keep going.  I started singing songs on my Ipod play list.  You aren’t allowed music on any portion of the course which sucks.  I need my music when I run.  Helps to keep my brain from sabotaging me and have something to concentrate on.   So I’m coming up this long slow hill that is the worst part of this course.  I am almost to the top when I hear “Anna you better move  your A&$, I’m going to get you!!!”  It’s Steve, he found me.  Now he is an awesome endurance athlete and super fast.  So I’m not surprised he was able to catch up to me.  I apparently still had my smart mouth even though I was ready to be done b/c I answered “Well good you can pass me and then I can look at yours!!”

So he gets right behind me and starts yelling marine corp stuff at me.  I got mad and shoved him off the cart path which then resulted in him saying “Good be mad at me!!”  then we started talking about music and other random stuff.  He told me he needs to share his play list with me and it’s a shame you can’t have music.  I did tell him I am singing songs in my head from my play list.  Also said so what, you want to share your music so that I become Steve Crazy!!  He liked that.  So now my head has figured out something.  Yes he can be harsh, annoying or  whatever, but he was now helping me.  We just started talking about random stuff which is always a good thing for me.  I also wondered why of all the people he knows racing today, why did he pick me to come chase down, annoy and ultimately help me get to my goal???  I don’t know why and that’s ok.  Kind of cool when you think about it.  But don’t tell him, it might make his ego bigger hahahahaha!!!!  We hit the downhill part and I was able to speed up which also resulted in Steve saying “see you can go faster” and I answered only b./c we are going DOWNHILL!!!!  He also gave me tips on how to get up the last hill i have to run up right before the finish.  So take smaller steps and move your feet faster.  in other words down shift into a lower gear and take smaller faster steps.  We came across the bridge at the lake and I saw (and heard) my friend Jodi!!!  She got these shots.

DF137C65-E06D-4674-A13C-206E2F33658B-4060-000007A13A8BBC40_zps442da844 2A294201-27F9-4B4F-B064-280EC4D90C49-4060-000007A1453E2AE9_zps778a167fSo do you want to see Steve??

Fullscreen capture 8212013 23255 PM.bmp Fullscreen capture 8212013 23343 PM.bmp Fullscreen capture 8212013 23326 PM.bmpHere we are.  He is laughing at something and you can see his arm in my shot.  This is the last flat spot before the final hill and then turn to the finish.  As we were running up the hill, he was talking to me.  I said several times “I hate you Steve!!!”  but I kept going.  Made it too the top, saw another friend, turned and headed into the finish.  I gave it all I had and I’m proud of myself for that.

Fullscreen capture 8212013 24846 PM.bmp Fullscreen capture 8212013 24858 PM.bmpI’m yelling, trying not to cry, fall over or stop!!!  I like the second picture b/c it shows I put what hammer I had left down and finished strong.

Total time:  1:54:23 I DID IT!!!!  I BEAT 2 HOURS!!!!

Seriously think that if Steve hadn’t chase me down, I might not have met my goal.  Crossed the finish line, they took my timing chip and put my medal around my neck.  I had a whole bunch of friends at the finish.  One walked up and first asked “are you going to puke?” I said no and she said “ok then I can give you a hug”  hahaha  it’s a valid question.

1004822_10201402039760208_351825620_nI did it!!!

1095078_10201402036320122_1408810369_n Fullscreen capture 8222013 104837 AM.bmp 644298_10201508006641957_1107452520_n

We did it!!!! (my friend Karen is in the yellow and her hubby is behind her to the right in the bottom pic!!)

995490_10201402034680081_1600122680_nMy best cheering friend Jodi in the whole world!!!!

ok here is my run

Fullscreen capture 8232013 93602 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 8232013 93550 AM.bmpyou can see the middle mile is a hot mess but I got it back together for the end and finished at a 9:20 pace coming into the finish line.

Very proud of myself and feel like I did the best I could (with the weather) and now I’m ready for the next adventure.

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