Two of my favorite things!!!!

A couple months ago I won a pair of Smith Optics  from Another Mother Runner in one of their hump day giveaways.  I’ve never had a nice pair of performance sunglasses but I was super excited to get them.  Seriously I have never had anything fancier than a pair from Walmart or Target.  So I am also a little paranoid that I will mess them up.  But I do LOVE them!!!  I have three lenses – clear, ignitor, and platinum.  I started with the platinum but now I love the ignitor.  they are very amber which works in bright sun and in overcast skies.  The arms and nose piece pop right out and the instructions are funny on how to care for them.

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See I wear them in races, every day and training runs or rides!!!

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I definitely was not paid to say this but if you need a pair of performance sunglasses I would tell you get a pair of these!!!!!


Ok my other favorite thing right now is my Chacos  I got these after multiple friends recommended.  I love sandals and flip flops but they don’t’ always love me and make my feet, legs, and hips hurt.   So after a month of getting used to them I LOVE them!!!  Oh just make sure you realize there are instructions on how to loosen and tighten them back up.  I was upset that they didn’t fit until I realized the straps move, yes all of them move!!!  You will play with the straps until they feel just right.  you can tell in the picture that my left foot is bigger than my right by the position of the buckle.  That’s another reason why these are soo good for me.  I have two different size feet.  My left foot is an entire width wider and a little bit longer than my right foot.


I just spent the long holiday weekend in Asheville for a Mustang Car show and they were the only shoe I wore the entire time.  My hip was sore more from all the car riding than the shoes.  They made me feel better to get up and walk.

390654_10200789947898294_1690116612_nSo my unsolicited advice is go buy a pair of these sandals.   They are worth the money!!!  I found mine for a great deal on Active Gear up so deals do exist.

Fullscreen capture 782013 12103 PM.bmpNow I want to design my own pair, oh dear, they have created a monster.  HAHA!!!!!

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