Going MIA this weekend.

Had a good run last night.  Went 3 miles and ran with a friend that is faster than me.  She unintentionally pushed my butt.  I had some 10-11 min/mile pace in the first mile.  I needed a few walk breaks but my running stretches were faster than my normal 12-13 min/mile.  That made me happy that I pushed outside my comfort zone and still felt good.  Leg is a little sore today but nothing hurts!!!!  woohoo!!!


So until I get back enjoy a few of my favorite inspirational pictures, quotes and whatnot!!!57561701457615114_hXaDCxVV_f 88735055127839703_zS3WTjvC_c 101542166568718074_QisURzyf_f 196328864976132441_nt1PAwZo_c challenge accepted 181386_393040550760689_1929878972_n 60235713736865119_LNkMBZbV_f 108508672242115558_pNoccM1I_f 169659110931936067_1qp6m1St_f 174796029257628101_j79QuD67_f 191543790372148075_br6a6owd_f 287737863663291036_uOmcBPsb_f digital_bathroom 313708_10152665024770341_850662389_n 532605_398666050198139_1620493666_n 218117_445379898838217_1184062785_n 29b430e2d00f7067c99e106bcbacc62f!

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