This week has been hard . . .

I still can’t write up my race report for the Triathlon turned Biathlon (because of the weather).  That day was super emotional between the swim being cancelled (my favorite part), an argument with my husband and feeling left out by my friends (they didn’t do it intentionally that’s how I took it after the argument with my husband).   I was not dealing with racing very well at all.  I was a complete hot mess.  Some of my friends (another group) helped me put myself back together and I got on my bike and rode.  I think I cried for the first mile but managed to talk myself back into racing.  So this week I have taking some time off from tri training.  I am getting a couple runs in with my MRTT girls and that’s great.  Next week I will jump back into swim/bike/run program.


I am torn, I feel deflated and sad that I didn’t finish my fist triathlon completely but I also feel proud that I did finish what we were allowed to do and in bad weather conditions.  As I struggle with how to process this race and try and look forward to the next one, I went looking for inspiration to give me a boost.  Yes there is a next one.  Already registered for the Callaway Gardens Sprint Tri on June 16th.

1d68f97ba4b4e590d55fb69400316079 319d454b9f73a7a890a2a85a51ae2e15 b0097a2412cc77da17f9afc35ce37bf7 c11812b09ea4834622317d91c332d359Any words of wisdom from someone that has had this happen at a race would be great.

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