3 days . . .

Now of course is when you start thinking – why did I decide that a triathlon is a good idea????  But then I have to remember I have already done it last week so I know I can do it on Saturday.

So Pam (the wonderous creator of MRTT) made me a logo and put it on a hat for me to wear in the tri.  I think I talked about me freaking out/worrying what am I going to do with my hair.  I usually wear my buff but don’t want/need to take the extra step so I decided a hat would be great and of course it needs Moms Tri this town on it.  🙂 Pam finished it yesterday so I went to pick it up.  I LOVE it!!!

309915_10200823588739294_1677266797_n 935676_10200823588419286_1977768362_n

I also made me a triathlon skirt in neon green (to match my logos).  I used another skirt I had that I liked as a pattern and here is what I came up with.  🙂  I’m thrilled.  I will practice transitions on Friday and will most likely put it on before the run so I can look less like a busted can of biscuits and be a little cuter.   Here it is!!  I took it standing in a chair in the upstairs bathroom so I ended up closer to the lights and it washed out the pic a little.  But you get the idea.


And finally, the race bling!!!  I get the Super Sprint Medal on Saturday.  I love it!!


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