5 days . . .


Survived my moc tri on Sunday. 4 of us met at 9:30.  We got set up and put our transition area just on the other side of the white fence and leaned our bikes there.  Walked down to the lake and hoped that the water temperatures were better.  The lake is a touch warmer which is good.  Means it doesn’t take your breath away when you first get in (well not completely anyway).  Had some slight difficulties in the swim. I need to take my own advice and slow down. Going to practice that in the pool today. My goggles fogged up and tried to fall off. Once I got all that straight and caught my breath I was ok. We swam farther than we needed too b/c we don’t’ have buoy’s to mark it yet. Swam 400 yds in 11 min. Had a long trot to our transition spots b/c we leaned our bikes again a fence. I got everything on and set off. Did the 8 miles in 34 min and averaged 14 mph.  Didn’t have too many stops but I had to slow down at intersections and stop signs.  That slow down won’t be there on race day.   Overall I felt good on the bike.   I didn’t push too hard and know I can go faster on race day.  I just wanted to survive the entire route. Quick swap to run stuff and me another girl set off. Did the run in 27 min and averages 12:30ish. I can go faster but just needed to finish it and run the entire route so that my head knows I can do it. My mental arguments are just as bad as the physical ones sometimes worse. So I needed to run the entire 2.2 mile route. I did the entire route in 1 hour and 15 min. I want to beat my time and I should. So 5 days and counting.

I am going to try and make a skirt out of neon green quick dry fabric I just got.  I will at least wear it before and after.   I’m going to practice my transitions in my driveway and maybe as a group and will see if I wear my skirt in the race.  Going to use another basic skirt I bought as a pattern.  Shouldn’t be hard.    See it’s nice and bright.  The logo is a little brighter than that once I got it on my jersey.


I am calmer since completing the entire route.  I KNOW I can do it and just need to keep the nerves at bay.  I can do this and I will do this on Saturday.


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