10 more days . . .

Keeps getting closer and I’m more excited.  Yeah that’s what I’m calling it.


Had a good bike ride this morning along the bike route for the race.  The two big hills feel maybe a little bit easier which is nice and encouraging.  So I’ve only been in the lake once for our OWS clinic.  It’s been bothering me that I haven’t been able because of the weather to get in the lake and swim.  I tried to get in on Sunday and after all the rain, the lake was painfully cold.  So today I just sucked it up and got in with two friends.  Here I am.  Then I’m just the head floating in the second picture.  I gradually got more and more of me wet.  Then we swam 2/3 of the way to that boat house right behind us and then back.  Helped calm me down a bit just that I got back in and survived with it this cold.  Plus I practiced my OWS techniques and felt ok.

945117_10151692295421177_1146719063_n 428720_10151692296841177_665623598_n

Came home, showered and warmed up.  The sun helped us warm up a bunch too.  It’s suppose to be 80’s next week so please pray for warm temps and no rain so that the lake can warm up a bit.

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