12 days . . .

Until my first triathlon . . .

I’m starting to freak out, be nervous or whatever.  But a friend of mine that has done many more of these than me said Nervous is good – but I have learned to call it “excited”.  So I’m not nervous, I’m excited!!!

I’ve got my logo on my tri top and on another shirt.  I will probably bring it along to have one to put on after the race.

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Saturday we (a group of us doing this tri in a few short days) were going to a Mock Tri that morning but the monsoon rains we got squashed all of that.  We were hoping for better weather on Sunday.  It did turn out nice for a while.  So on Saturday, 3 of us got together and practiced changing a tire (in case we get a flat), cleaned our bikes (if needed – mine was nasty) and set up our transition area.   I am going to turn my shoes around to I don’t have to when I get to my area.  I found this towel in our beach bag and figured it would be a great one for this since I can see it.  Do you like the dog photo bomb at the bottom.  lol

941162_185124428311145_32001037_n null_zpse74ae4a9 934963_10152824538030595_2057991389_n null_zps3860a7c3

We all felt better that we did something instead of stressing out that we couldn’t do the tri practice.

So on Sunday, we went down to the lake and OMG!!!!  it was painfully cold.  We don’t have wetsuits so that was the end of our lake swim.  I just couldn’t do it and it was still in the 50’s for air temp.  So we got on our bikes and did our bike route followed by the run route.  We got a friend out on the road for the first time (yay!!!) and then we set out for our run.  We stayed in pairs, so two went off ahead and ended up doing 6 miles total.  Me and my friend (the one that we got on the road) stayed together.  She needed me to pace her (i.e. slow her down) and I needed her to let me talk her ear off so I could distract myself.  Well it worked.  I ran the entire tri run route without stopping (except for a massive puddle we had to walk around and that doesn’t count).  Plus I kept it right at a 12 min/mile pace which is what I want to do for the race.  Overall, I am thrilled.  🙂 That funny blimp at 1.2 was that stupid puddle.

Sunday brick run

I got in the pool today and did 1400 yds.  The coolest part is that I alternated doing 300’s one stroke only, the other full stroke and kick.  I did that twice.  The first 300 I did as a full stroke, I manage to finish it in 5:45.  I was shocked.  I’ve been struggling (mainly in my head) with how am I going to finish this and other self doubt.  Well I just have to stop that, I know easier said than done but I do.  When I get out of my own head and just do what I know I can do – look what I can accomplish!!!!  161918549072954428_29QBm6jl_f (1) 236439049157018532_6r2ML8kd_c challenge accepted

2 responses to “12 days . . .

  1. I saw that shirt on the MRTT Sounding Board- LOVE IT! You’re going to rock it girl!
    emma @ amomrunsthistown.com

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