Finally good news about running

Tuesday come back run

LOOK AT THIS!!!!!  I kept it slow and steady and right at 2 miles (just over) plus avoided big hills.  I walked up the last hill because it shot up to the parking lot and I knew my PT would fuss at me for running that one.   So to give you a comparison to where I was 3 weeks ago, here is my run right before I started physical therapy.

crappy run 3 weeks ago

After 1.5 my hamstring was getting tight and I was tanked anyway.  Took a walk break and then tried to run again and never was able too.  My entire leg just got tighter.  So I waked back to the car.  I was in tears that night on the phone with my two friends.  That’s when I called the next morning and started PT on Thursday.


Went to PT yesterday, she was thrilled with my run especially because it didn’t hurt.  I was a little tight in my hamstring but nothing that slowed me down (to a walk), got too tight so I couldn’t run or anything.  I kept my stride short and easy, ran at an easy pace and just tried to enjoy it ( even though I don’t really enjoy running, more the affects on my body and such but let’s just go with it).  I stretched immediately after my run and again while I was getting my boys to bed.  I also put ice on my hammy and hip flexor when I went to bed.  I also had KT tape on my glute, hammy and hip flexor.

So here is the plan – keep my runs at no more than 2 miles until I have no tightness or problems and I can start doing brick workouts to get ready for my tri in May.  This was starting to freak me out/worry me that I wouldn’t be ready for the race in 2 months.  I know 2 months is a long time but it’s not really and in my head the 2 miles I would need to run might as well be 20 when you aren’t sure you can do it.  As long as I listen to my body and stop running if it hurts and walk back to the car.  Next week I will run for 2 miles on Tuesday night and then do a bike/run brick workout on Thursday.

So as I am looking through pics and other stuff on my computer I found this one and it’s very true right now.  Slow is completely ok!!


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