Fantastic Swim on Friday!!!


Headed to the pool on Friday to get my second session in.  Was listening to Rob Zombie on the way and loving it.  On the plan was to do stroke and kick drills.  After my 100 warmup, I did 150 kick and then started my stroke.  At 200 I wanted to switch so I decided to do at least one more 50 since I wanted to stop.  After that next 50, I decided to do one more.  Well then I got in a groove, and decided to see how long I could go before I had to stop.  Yeah that actually didn’t happen – swam 1000 yds stroke only without stopping.  I can’t believe that.  🙂  By the time I finished that, my back and abs were very tired but I still could have kept going.  I did a 150 cool down.  I was so excited with my swim that I called two friends of mine to tell them.

I hit the pool today and was going to do my endurance workout but after the 100 warmup I was exhausted.  Tells me that day light savings time and staying up too late last night has caught up with me.  I’m beat.   So decided to back up and do stroke/kick drills instead (and I did both this time).

100 warmup

100 kick

200 stroke

100 kick

200 stroke

200 stroke

100 kick

300 stroke

100 cool down

total time 38 min.  I went a little over my 35 min but I just wanted to finish feeling strong and I did.  I will go back to the pool on Wednesday and plan on doing my endurance workout then.


If you saw my pictures on fb, I got cycling shoes yesterday 🙂


I went by one of the cycling shops near my house (I have 3 to choose from) and bought these.  I was in there a few weeks ago talking with them and figured out a pair that would work with my wide feet.  Hubby and I decided it was now or never, so I took off  with my bike in my car and got my shoes and got my pedals installed at the shop.  They gave me some tips and then I went down to the lake for my ride.  Decided to stick to the paths and ride around the lake to get used to them.  I played for multiple laps around the parking lot to get used to clipping out and clipping back in.    I was bored pretty quickly so I headed off down the paths.  If I remotely though I would have to stop, I would clip out both feet.  But I did it, made it 14 miles and did not dump myself over.  WOOHOO!!!  Started working on pushing and pulling through my entire stroke and I can tell.  My knees, hamstrings and glutes were screaming yesterday and are achy sore today (in a good way).  Nothing hurts so that’s good.


and I just found this today on “How Do Clipless Bike Shoes Work?”


Hip and PT:

Went on Thursday for my second PT session.  She stretched me out really good again and then gave me 5 new exercises.  Next appointment is tomorrow.  Have to get home today do my exercises.  Since soccer was cancelled today (seriously not crying over here), I will do my exercises when I get home and get my big boy to do his homework before we head to swim lessons (for him).


I did it, survived the first week on my plan.  Ended up using Saturday as a free day (he actually recommends it) since we had a chilli cookout with one of the groups we are in.

I’m down about 2 lbs which is awesome.  I’m not calling it a victory until I’m down below the lowest I’ve been since starting all of this.  So I have a few (4 lbs) to go.  But I’m starting to get used to eating this way and it’s not hard, just takes planning.  So here is what i have for breakfast this week.

67075_164665000357088_1160204008_nThey look as good as they taste.  They are oatmeal bars (yes I know they are not square and are round) and I added different toppings on them to vary it up a little.  Chocolate chips, currants, walnuts, and brown sugar.  I warmed up 2 and had a boiled egg as my breakfast.  Perfect size!!!

1845_164420030381585_2071548282_nSeriously my favorite book right now.  Go check out Swim Bike Mom!!!!!!

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