All the other stuff I didn’t get too yesterday . . .

Seriously, I have been trying to get this post out all week and keep having too much other stuff to do . . .

So here you go!!!!

So last Tuesday I went out for a 3-4 mile run with a nice group of ladies.  Makes me very happy to know that 9 + 1 kid all came out and got the run that we each needed.  🙂

tuesday 3_5

I was so happy that I ran the entire time and was decently consistent.  I’ve been better but with my hip and leg, I will take this 🙂

On Thursday I was planning on meeting several friends for a bike ride but that fell through and I  ended up making sparkle skirts for others instead.  Whoops!!


I’ve been in the pool for the last three weeks in a row and can already tell I’m getting stronger.  The week before I managed 900 yds in 35 min during my lunch break.  This week I did 1100 yds in just under 35 min 🙂

This weeks workout was:
100 warmup

200 freestyle (the entire 300 yds was done in under 10 min which is my tri distance – nice to have a benchmark)

50 rest/floated on my back

150 kick drills

100 stroke drills (using a pull buoy)

100 kick

100 stroke

200 slow consistent stroke – 50’s at a time trying to keep them all the same amount of time and concentrating on my entire stroke

100 cool down

This week I concentrated on keeping my left arm from getting lazy.  As I get tired, my left arm doesn’t want to do the stroke properly and starts to flop instead of  slicing into the water.  A friend posted an article about the anatomy of a good freestyle stoke (or something like that) and the one thing I knew I was having trouble with/needed to work on was not flopping into the water with my hand/arm after you pull back and out of the water.  So I just worked on slicing my hands into the water after coming around.  My friend that is an awesome swimmer (and an unofficial swim coach) said she has a new drill she wants me to do that will also help with this and teach me to get my elbows up higher.


So I was suppose to meet up with my friend (the swimmer) for a bike ride on Sunday.  We were also going to follow another friend that needed to get 10 miles in that day.  The weather decided to throw us a curve ball.  The rain came in and we couldn’t go.  They went to the gym (I would have gone but I don’t have a membership and I had other stuff I needed to do) and I helped the hubby with shopping.  We divided the list and he went to Sam’s with the big boy and I went grocery shopping with the little man.  When I got back, I did this –

Sunday night ride

I finally pulled out my trainer and put my bike on it.  I’ve had it for months.  I found a used one on Craigslist right where I live and I got a deal.  Well like most things, the first time you do something scares you/intimidates you/or you just procrastinate until you finally do it.  What’s funny is that I am so self conscious about “working out” in front of my husband but I was OK with riding my bike in front of him.  So I hopped on and rode for an hour.  It’s harder than I thought, guess I didn’t think about when you go down hill you get to rest.  When you are on a trainer, you keep pedaling.  So now that I’ve done it, I know I will do it again.  🙂

Finally – The Donna half & full marathon:

First – No I’m not running in it.  I am Director of Support Services 🙂

A month ago, I was tagging along on my bike (b/c of my hip) with running friends doing 19 and 20 mile runs.  I could easily ride along while they ran, loosened up my hip and I provided apparently hours of entertainment 🙂 They loved it so much that they asked if I could come with them to the race and bring my bike.  So after all the details were hashed out, I’m now headed down with a plan, a bike and a backpack.  I’m going to scoot ahead at 3 mile increments to cheer them on, take pictures, hand off or pick up stuff (extra layers) or whatever they need.  I’m as excited as they are.  I’ve got a spreadsheet with all their splits, a map of the course and my backpack that will probably be packed to the gills.  they keep asking if I have a trailer I can pull too.  lol  5BF39CB7-AC68-48BF-AAB6-3D290BBD573E-5186-0000066C1DB020EE_zps8d4d1a5b

I think I’ve got enough pink.  We have logos on the front and back and we are wearing skirts (with pink mostly).


We had a planning meeting on Wednesday night to iron on decals, make final plans, and an excuse to get together.  I also brought my sewing machine.  I stitched on breast cancer ribbons on the fronts of our shirts, made one more sparkle skirt, made a headband and took in another friends tank top that was too loose in the top.

13185_10200414211899351_953817383_nHere is almost all of us.  One more was off visiting family for the week.

482637_10200320792929713_1092958756_nMy work table.  🙂
We meet up tomorrow morning to head to Jacksonville, Florida.  We are all excited, nervous, and everything in between.  I can’t wait to see how awesome these ladies are and be there when they cross the finish line.  So stay tuned, I will try and post at least a few pics as we go through the weekend.

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