Recap of Cupid’s Chase

Sometime, I should do a post on a typical day in my life.  It’s crazy which is why I don’t post some days.

Cupid’s Chase

Me and my little man went and picked up our race packets.  But already it was questionable if my hubby would walk.   He got sick with a sinus infection and the low on Saturday was going to be in the 20’s.  By bedtime we had decided that hubby and little man (who was getting over an ear infection) were staying home.  Me and my big man would run/walk the 5k.  Didn’t care about time, just that the two of us would have fun since this would be his first 5k.

I’m putting some pics back in this one just cause i love them.  🙂



We had a good time and finished, which was all that we cared about.  Found these pics at the finish line 🙂

0010081_20130208175028_a9ca0fbe72e5d31d2c9f2a6652b0e30b 0010081_20130208175015_fb0249ef22c4759204145c7b20d63066

My boy has been smiling about this race for a week.  I’m super proud of him.

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