Sorry I’ve been missing

First the happy news!!!  Made it out for a 12k on 12/12/12 with my friend.  She ran while I rode my bike.  I can’t quiet make it 7.45 miles yet but I also knew that my hip would appreciate a ride instead of a run.  So I paced her on my bike keeping her company and enjoyed the ride.  12k on 12_12_12

On Friday morning I measured myself and found a wonderful surprise – I have lost another inch off my waist and a 1/2 inch off each upper knee/lower thigh.  My grand total is 31.5+ inches are now gone.  I’ve lost a total of 5 inches off my waist and since I started measuring my upper knee back in August I’ve lost 2.5 inches of each leg.

So I’ve been slightly discouraged with my hip, since running the 10k  route on the 2nd weekend in December, my entire right leg has been very mad.  I know a lot of it comes out of my bad sciatic nerve trouble (thanks to my boys) but it’s discouraging when now my inner thigh hurts, my hamstrings hurt and walking hurts.  I was planning on a bike ride this past weekend but I got the wonderful cold that my little man has.  So instead of exercising I slept.  took a 4 hour nap on Saturday and stayed in bed until 10:30 on Sunday.  I know it’s what I needed to do.  Yesterday especially I was frustrated with my leg and I kept finding trigger points that hurt and wouldn’t get better even with massage or my hard rubber ball.  I had my chiropractor appointment yesterday (I had it planned last week and moved it, should have kept that appointment) and told her about my hip.  She bent me up like  a pretzel and already it feels a lot better.  Several of my trigger points are drastically improved.  I was instructed to come see her on Wednesday and to get into pigeon pose 6 or 7 times a day to really stretch out my hip.  Just so you know here is what I it looks like.


You can also fold over your leg with your chest down and that is what I am doing and what feels the best.


So my mood is much better today now that my hip feels better and I actually have hope of going for an easy run of like 3 miles this weekend.  No rush to go back and do another 10k, if my hip doesn’t get mad I can do that another day next week when I’m home for Christmas break.  amazing

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