Mom’s Run This Town – Triathlons

So I’ve talked about the wonderful ladies of Mom’s Run This Town (MRTT) and because of them I am running farther, faster, and more consistently.  A few of us have been talking about triathlons.  There are a few that have done a tri before and I started discovering more that want to do one this spring (just like me).  So with the blessing of Pam who is one of the master minds behind MRTT, I created a Triathlon group fro MRTT.  In just afternoon, we have grown to over 50 members of MRTT ladies all over the country.  I think that is wonderful that so many women are interested in, need support, motivation or can teach us all about this.  I am even more excited about this new chapter of my fitness journey.


So go check out to find out more about MRTT and here is the new fb group for Triathlons in Training –

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