Turkey Day 5 miler turned into a 10k

Had an original plan to go swim on Wednesday but that got pushed aside because me and the hubby decided to paint our dining room.  It really needed it and it had been over 10 yrs since I had done it last.  So even though I didn’t officially workout I spend 4 hours bending, stretching and everything in between that night.  I am going to run by  a local aquatic center that is very close to my work today at lunch to see what the details are – drop in rate, can you get a monthly pass???  etc.  Then on Monday’s I am going to go swim for 30 min during my lunch.  Monday’s are the best b/c my two lunch buddies are not around and I can easily get a swim workout in without having to do it at night.

So I posted about being frustrated with my lower back being sore/achy and I can’t get it to go away.  A wonderful friend reminded me of my trigger point book (that I put down and just about forgot about it – I know shame on me).


So I found the section on your Lower Back and very quickly found a trigger point in the hip (center buttocks) that refers pain to the lower back.  I grabbed a hard rubber ball and pushed on it.  Holy crap that hurt.  I also looked up shoulder pain b/c I’m still having trouble with my right arm/upper shoulder.  Found trigger points in the deltoids (outer arm) that refers to the top of the shoulder.  I just pushed with my fingers and found multiple trigger points that were very sore.  So I spent the next 20 minutes torturing myself by rolling on the ball.  Within minutes my shoulder felt better.  Wasn’t sure what the hip would do but I would keep working on that spot to see what what happen.

I woke up way to early on Turkey day to go meet up with my MRTT ladies.   Here we all are.  I’m the neon green one front and center.  I wore my rainbow socks just for the occasion.  Plus my headlamp b/c it was still dark. 

My original plan was to run 5 miles with several ladies that wanted to go my pace (slow or i.e. 12 min/mile).  Only one was there but another needed miles but needed someone to slow her down.  As we set off, somehow I agreed to go do the 10k route (it’s mapped out by the PTC running club with posts and arrows) only if they agreed to not leave me.  We set out and the other two inched ahead of me but I could still talk to them or yell if I needed too and they were checking on me.  I did decide pretty quickly that I wanted to run farther non-stop than I had before – 3.14 miles.  Realistically I knew I couldn’t run the entire route, though one friend was trying to convince me otherwise.  I came through a tunnel (there are tons of them under roads around PTC for the golf carts to move around) and saw my two friends taking a water break at a park.  I looked at my garmin and saw I was 1/4 of a mile or so from running 4 miles without stopping.  Told them I wasn’t stopping and was determined to get to 4.  Of course one of them said, then I should just keep going but my hip (not my back yet) was poking at me.  Took a short walk break (less than 1/4 mile) and started running again.  I knew I was starting up the one bad hill on this route.  I made it over the top and actually thought to my self “that was it?” and then happily ran downhill for a while.  I made it to mile 5 before walking again and this is when my back actually started bothering (woohoo!! it was at mile 5 not at 1.5 like a few days before) and saw a number of people out on the paths that day.  A few I knew but all were very nice and encouraging.  I started back running again and my legs felt really heavy but I trudged on.  I got to about 5.6 miles and a small hill and had to walk.  I think I walked up one more hill before I was just determined to run until 6.2 miles.  I did it!!  Total time was 1 hour and 19 min and I had an average pace of 12:46.  I was very proud of myself.  I didn’t think I was going to be up to a 10k yet.  I thought I would add a 1/2 mile in December and then hit the full 10k distance in January.  So I surprised myself.

All of my MRTT friends were equally as happy and proud as I was.  Made me feel good.  🙂 Ok data – cause you know I will post it.

See it???  That big ole hill in the middle of mile 4!!!  I ran over that and didn’t stop.  WOOHOO!!!

So I’m happily sitting at my parents house for Thanksgiving and a MRTT friend posts that Walmart has a Black Friday (early Thursday) deal on Danskin pullovers.   They were $6.  HOLY COW !!!!!!!  That’s an amazing price for a long sleeve pullover and it has the coolest feature – thumb wholes.  lol  I hardly ever to crazy black friday shopping.  I hate it and the crowds.  I will buy stuff online but never in a store.  Well my parents live within walking distance of Walmart (I didn’t walk but I could have) so I decided to brave the crazy people and go.  I got me three – neon yellow, neon pink and bright blue.  I also picked up two more for other friends.  Of course after I was back home I had a bunch more people ask me to get some.  Others ventured out on Friday and picked up more for people.  I ended up at Hobby lobby to get tulle for tutu’s (more on that later) and walked next door to Walmart.  I got 3 more pullovers for people and yep when I pulled into my driveway I had several people ask me if I was still there.  I think between all of us most everyone that wanted one, is getting one b/c of extras that were purchased.

So on to tutu’s.  We had a tutu-“torial” to teach others how to make a no sew tutu.  I had about 9 ladies at my house.  We had lots of fun and everyone either finished theirs or had a good start.

I will be wearing the yellow one in the Jingle Bell Trail 5k and the green one in the Glow Light Your World 5k yep both of them are this weekend.  I’ve never done that but I survived 6.2 miles last week, then I can survive it over the entire weekend.  One of my friends is wearing the pink tutu at the Glow 5k too.  I need to get to a dollar store and get glow bracelets and necklaces to put on my tutu, arms and neck.  I will also be wearing a neon green shirt and these socks

For the Jingle Bell MRTT is dressing up as a string of chrismas lights.  Here is the front of the shirts (our tutu’s match our light color so I’m yellow)

and the back

So there you go.  As you can see I was busy and it won’t stop anytime soon.  I will get a short run in Wednesday night, Zumba on Thursday and then I’ve got the 2 5k’s this weekend.  Should be fun.

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