Slightly frustrated but still moving

Went on my 5 mile run on Saturday and I was hopeful that my back/hips would be happier.  It was a week since I swung my bell.  Well it wasn’t, better than the 3 mile run on Wednesday but still there.

Walked at ~2.5 miles and again as I came up a hill.  Had a brief chat with a friend at 3.6 and we had to pause for a minute just before mile 4 for my friend to answer her phone (alarm system going off at work).  But each of those times I was also happy to walk a second because my back was poking at me.  It’s not a sharp pain that would make you stop immediately, more achy/sore like I’ve done too much.   I’m working on stretching it out (it’s a hard place to get too) and stretching my hips to see if I can make it better.


My kids went up to Granmommie and Dan-Dad’s house for a few days until we get up there for Thanksgiving.  I had a few ideas of how to use my time differently than I usually can with them around – i.e. exercise earlier or different activity.  Well I couldn’t confirm if anyone from my tri-group was riding up at Stone Mountain (planned spot for Monday’s) so decided not to do that and was going to go to my favorite zumba instructor’s night class.  Well I had the wrong night.  She teaches Tuesday night not Monday night.  So I did a shout out on my running group board and asked if anyone wanted to run with me.  I found someone.  We had a great time and talked the entire way and for like an hour after.  My back/hips still kicked in but I only walked once and then held it pretty steady the rest of the time.  Frustrates me that a week and a half later it’s still bothering me.  But I got it done and the rest of my run felt good which I am thrilled with.   See, it’s much more consistent just wish I could do that without the walk break.  I am determined, I will get there.

Kind of starting to feel like a runner.  Before I would have just told you I am a pretend runner, not really into this, much less should you take me seriously.  I am “almost” enjoying my runs especially when I do something new or I see improvement.  Baby steps!!!!


I am going to try and get a swim workout in tomorrow.  I’m taking tomorrow off to extend my holiday week a little and since I don’t have kids it’s a perfect time to throw in something I normally can’t do if they are off and at home.  I will go to a local pool that has open swim hours and get 30 min to an hour of laps.  Nothing speedy, just get my arms and legs moving differently.

Speaking of tri’s, I found this website and it’s super cute.  They host a tri out in Utah but she has nice training ideas.  The first one I found is a plan to help you get ready to start training – i.e. I’ve never done this before and don’t want to kill myself.  This helps you get a little conditioning under your belt before you start a 13-week program to build up to the actual event.

They also have a 13-week training plan.

It’s just helpful for me to see what are some examples of training plans so I can tailor mine to fit my schedule and seriously crazy life.

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