Going to have to rethink my kettlebell workouts

After a 2 month hiatus, I swung my bell on Sunday.  My hamstrings were sore for two days but not bad.  I went for a 3 mile run Wednesday night and within a few minutes my lower back was hurting – not a sharp pain but a sore/achy feeling.  That was one of the reasons I stopped my bell workouts 2 months ago.  I’m going to back off on the workout and stop the reps if I feel it in my back at all.  If that doesn’t stop my back from hurting while running, I may have to switch up what workout I do.  I will keep playing with it to find a balance.   I held out for 2.3 miles before my back made me walk for a minute.  We came up the hill to the parking lot and stopped for a second and realized we hadn’t gotten to 3 miles yet so we took off around one more loop.

Met up with a friend for a bike ride today.  I wore my garmin watch to map out where we went since it has a function to do speed instead of pace and then I completely forgot to start it.  oh well, will have to do the next time I ride.  We followed the Peachtree City Sprint Triathlon route.  It’s 13 miles and I loved it.  It was cold at about 45 F and windy, but we layered on the clothes and set out.  Did the route in just over an hour.  No speed records were broken but we weren’t trying to.  Just wanted to get a good ride in.  Average speed was around 14 mph and hit a max of 24.6 mph.  I was a little frozen when I got back but took a hot shower and got some coffee and I was good.  Plan to go run Saturday morning and go 5 miles.

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