Going for a run tonight and a “am I crazy to do this?”

Going for a 3 mile run tonight with 4 ladies from MRTT.  I’m excited because I have gotten super spoiled and don’t want to run by myself, much less on a treadmill since finding this group.  They are all wonderful and I’ve run with them before.  Heading out after work, though it will be getting dark.  We are doing this in a neighborhood with street lights and we will have headlamps and other flashlights.


The other thing – I’m doing a 5k (Jingle Bell Trail) on Saturday December 1st with a bunch of the MRTT group plus my boys are doing the 1 mile fun run.  Well on Sunday night there is another 5k just down the road from me called Glow Light Your World – http://www.btgcommunity.org/ and several are running that one too.  I usually don’t run two days in a row but I’m considering doing both 5ks just because I can and you get a cool “GLOW in the dark t-shirts and other GLOW accessories to help light your path”  their words LOL plus it benefits a local community outreach program in my county.  So I don’t know.  Will have to decide.  It’s not expensive and I can register last minute but I’m a planner and would like to have everything lined up.

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