Action Dash 5k race report

So fair warning, this post will have lots of pictures!!!!!

I started getting ready for the race the night before just so I wouldn’t forget anything.  Tutu’s went into the car the night before and I laid out all my clothes, water bottles, coffee, bars, etc. that I needed on the table.  I slept terrible and just about woke up every other hour to check to clock.  Finally at 5:20 (my alarm was going off at 5:30 am) I gave up and just got up.  I got ready and was out the door at 6 am.  Sent a quick text message to the rest of the group I was running with (they were carpooling together) that I was on my way.  I wish traffic in Atlanta was like this every day.  It was nice driving into the city with only a handful of cars instead of the masses that usually are there.  Found the parking deck and waited for the rest of the group.  We all got our costumes on and immediately started taking pictures.

We headed out to get our bib numbers and find a bathroom.  I know I needed to go because I sucked down coffee and a big glass of water on the ride.  Our only major complaint was the Piedmont Park didn’t have the bathrooms open or serviced and the race organizers had arranged for porta potties to be delivered but they weren’t there yet.   While we were waiting for the bathrooms to be unlocked we took more pictures 🙂

sorry this one is a little blurry.  We asked someone to take a picture for us and this is what we got.


We lined up and kept our legs moving (and warmed up).  The temperature was fine, we even had a little breeze it was the humidity that was horrible.  I don’t think it got above 80 F while we were running but I would bet that it was 90+ % humidity.  I was soaked from head to toe by the time I was done as were most of my group.  We headed out, each running their own race.  My hamstrings and calf muscles decided to be tight pretty much the entire race so I ended up walking a little more than I wanted too but I didn’t need to hurt myself.  I was still pleased with my overall time and my splits.  Pretty much on average with what I’ve been doing.  So not a PR but at least I’m being consistent.   I was surprised by this little tidbit.  I had an email waiting for me when I got home with my race info.  This is what I got:


Your 5K time was 42:52

Your pace was 13:38/M

You chip time was 42:21

You were number 144 overall

You were number 12 of 19 in your age group 35-39


So a local TV network was at the park covering the race.  I found a couple shots of some of the group on their website

and here is me 🙂

So one of the guys running the race saw me and my friend Cheryl as we were walking over to get my goodie bag.  He snagged us and asked if we would let him take our picture with US Olympian Tim Hornsby (paddler).

Then we found a great place to take our after shot of all the girls and then the entire group.  Apparently it was so good that others copied us and this shot ended up on the Action Dash facebook page.

The group shot after the race. 

The race organizer then had all of us still there after the awards stick around for a group photo.


We all had a great time and loved running in costumes.  I even had a few random people who just took a picture of me as I went by.  My only regret (aside from my legs being tight) was that I should have brought my ipod with me.  I love running with music and was so busy with all the details of the costumes and such that I didn’t think about it.  We all were soaked with sweat/moisture when we got back to our cars.  Most of us changed into at least a dry shirt to go home.


I’m stretching, rolling and massaging my legs to get them happy again since I’ve got the Gladiator Rock’n Run on Saturday.  4 miles of fun (torture) and 18 or so obstacles.  I’m finding more people each day that I know that are going.  So that should be fun and I will be dragging my boys along with me to watch.   Not sure what my plan is for the week other than zumba on Thursday.  It will depend on my legs.  I “may” do a short run on Wednesday for 20 min or so to just keep them going.  I will just see how they feel.

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