Had a great run today!!

I’m still getting over the cold I got from my oldest son but I felt good enough to go run.  It was great!!!  First time with a group and they were wonderful.  We labeled ourselves as “slow” which ended up being 13ish min miles.  That’s what my average 5k splits have been at.  We did 3 miles.  I kept up for almost the entire first half.  We took a minute break or so at the half way point and then started running again.  I made it halfway before I needed a walk break.  The group was great, they double back to pick up the slowest person to never leave anyone behind.  I was surprised by this and thought it was neat.  I ran for a little longer before I started giving out.  I walked for a bit and they came back around one more time and found me.  I think this group will be good for me since it pushes me a little harder than I do by myself.  I found the mom’s running group just this week so I was pretty excited to already be able to get out and run with them.   Turns out there is another group associated with it through a local church.  I ran with the husband of one lady who is in the mom’s group I just joined.  There was four of us and we chatted some through out the whole route.  I think I really needed this to help me get farther, faster and better as a runner.  I’ve been “stuck” as far as progress and I think that’s because I’m doing it all by myself and I can/will only push myself so much.  My legs are tired and of course I had to get a small blister on my baby toe.  I think my sock (that I’ve worn dozens of times) got bunched up around my toe and I didn’t notice it until the last couple minutes.  Hoping that the blister heals up because I’ve got plans.


Also, the costumes for the Action Dash are done.  Sorry no pics until the actual race 🙂  If you are friends with me on facebook there are a couple shots.  They turned out really cute and my friend and I are excited.

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