Good Morning!!!!!

For a weekend that I had nothing planned, I sure did stay busy.  I did make it out for a run, ended up being a power walk but I don’t care.   I had a friend to go with me and we chatted the entire way.  I think we went over 3 miles.  I will have to map it out to see exactly where we ended up.  Then I attacked my floors.  I am happy to say that all the dust bunnies (that had grown into goblins) are gone and you can eat off my floors.  Really!!  I use a steam mop so no chemicals at all, just water.  I love the thing, well as much as you can while cleaning your house.  I was going to try to go to the Zumba fundraiser event but ended up helping my neighbor with a fence problem.   One of her dogs is an escape artist.   So we took chicken wire and folded it in half and butted it up to the bottom of the fence.  I zip tied to at the top of the chicken wire and at the bottom of the fence.  Then we staked down (until we ran out of stakes) the other half that is laying on the ground.  She will get more stakes, but at least the holes that her dog has been getting out are now covered up.  Eventually we will probably help her to do her whole yard but this is a start so that the County won’t come after her about her dog.  She’s had one complaint.   So instead of shakin my booty, I did lots of squatting and bending.  Sunday we went out for a family bike ride for an hour.  Nothing really hard, we did 6.8 miles or so but we all had fun.  I’m glad that my big boy didn’t complain as much as he usually does even though he knows he can do it.  Then we came home and I did grocery shopping and then started deep cleaning parts of my kitchen. I’m only 1/2 way done but the sink and island look good.  Also I’m a step ahead tonight since we cooked dinner for today, last night.  I can continue working on something in my kitchen instead of cooking dinner tonight.  That makes me very happy.


So for the rest of the week – I’m going to try and run Tuesday or Wednesday night on the treadmill.  I may need to use my neighbors since ours seems to get too hot and stop after 30 min or so.  My hubby (the mechanical engineer) has to figure that out.  Thursday will be Zumba.  I need to so some strength but I don’t want to pick back up my bell just yet.  I have two 5ks coming up that are close together.  I don’t want to hurt during a 5k.  The Action Dash is next Monday and Then the Gladiator Rock’n Run is on September 8th.  I will probably try to do pushups and tricep dips again to keep the arms in good shape until after the Gladiator (has obstacles) and then I will back up one workout on my bell and start that again.


One last cool thing, a friend suggested I find a MRTT running group – Moms Run This Town – So I checked it out and guess what????  you got it, there is one in my area and a good friend of mine is already a member.  Seriously, you don’t know how happy I am to potentially have running partners.  I never get to run with anyone.  This makes me very happy.  It will probably be a couple weeks before I can go on a Saturday morning run because of my two 5ks but I will get there.

2 responses to “Good Morning!!!!!

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I’m working on it slow and steady. I hope to meet up with the ladies sometime in the next couple weeks. I have to get past two 5ks and see how our soccer and football schedules will be.

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