Found a new blog I like.

I was trolling pinterest this morning because I am home with a sick boy.  My oldest has a cold/sinus crud and is a little pitiful right now.   I found a pin that said “There is No Wagon” so I clicked on it.  I love her post.  I suggest you go read it.


I liked her post so much, I am now following her on pinterest and will check out her blog on a regular basis.  🙂 Happy Friday!!!


No changes in weight or measurements (I am a broken record on the staying at the same weight for multiple weeks but I am still shrinking).  Today is clean the house day.  Since I’m home, I’m taking the time to attack our house.  I say it fluctuates between tolerable and embarrassing.   It is flirting with the embarrassing level so we got a bunch picked up last night and the hubby unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.  My plan is to attack the stuff that needs to be put away, clean everything in the kitchen, my laundry, and put away laundry.  If I get all that done I will go after the floors.  If not we will get that done together this weekend, along with the bathrooms.  I HATE cleaning bathrooms and will gladly clean everything else.


The plan is to go for a run tomorrow morning (I may drag some friends along – I would love that, I don’t normally have running partners) and hopefully go to a Zumba fundraising event Saturday night.  1.5 hours of booty shakin – that will make you feel good.  🙂

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