Made it through my busy weekend!!!

I did it and got to do everything the way I wanted too.  I got some sewing done on Friday night so I could take my new purse with me.  I’m going to have to remake my phone case because my phone barely fits.  I apparently have bigger seam allowances than the original pattern.  I got a bunch packed up that night and then my day on Saturday started at 7 am.  We did get out the door by 8:45 with both boys and everything I needed.  My big boy did a great job singing at the nursing home for the Great Day of Service and made his momma proud.  My mom got there and picked up the boys.  I headed off to my scrapbooking retreat.  It was great, I got spend the rest of the day with friends and got 17 (I think that was how many I counted) pages done for my youngest baby book.  So at 11:45 pm I made it back to my parents house and crashed.  Church was interesting since I was tired and my little guy didn’t want to sit still.  We ended up back in my mom’s office and he watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the computer while I reclined in a chair.  I did sneak in a little nap before I had to run an errand and my bike ride.


My stomach is definitely off, but I made sure to eat about an hour before my ride so I would have enough energy.  The weather was great, mid 80’s and overcast.   We headed out just after 4 pm on the 20 mile route.  It was a group of 6 ladies and one guy.  We are all getting more wild with our jersey colors.  We had my tennis ball lime, a bright blue, purple biker chick, and two safety orange.  You could see us coming which is a good thing.  I can tell that I am getting stronger.  One thing is that when I first went on a ride, I tried to stand up and pedal and I hated it.  It didn’t hurt but my muscles screamed in ways that I didn’t like at all.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t try it again until this ride.  I can actually say that there was a couple stretches that it felt better to stand up than to stay seated.  Woohoo for progress!!!!!  I made it up Stewart feeling better than the last time.  We decided to tack on one more hill – Marcie Camp.  It’s short but a quick/steep rise.  I had to stop about 2/3 up it and walk for a little bit.  My legs were screaming but I didn’t make it up Stewart the first time so no worries.  I will tackle Marcie Camp next time.  We made it back and we all felt good.  I actually went about 1 mile/hr faster on average so that makes me happy that I am getting faster.  We did get some rain but it was mostly sprinkles in the last 2 miles or so nothing bad and it actually helped cool you off a little.  So I lied, I didn’t take any pictures.  Hopefully the next time I ride I will get some pics of something cool.  No one wrecked, got sick or had a bad time which was great.  I feel better after taking several days off.  I may try and walk on the treadmill tonight for 30 mins or so to keep moving but not be too strenuous since I just did a bike ride yesterday.  I know I will probably run on Wednesday night and go to Zumba on Thursday.  I’m going to lay off the kettlebell this week and then see how I’m doing next week.  I may need to back up and do a less strenuous workout and see how I feel.

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