Love your body!

It’s the only one I’ve got, so I have to take care of it.  I had two appointments this morning with my chiropractor Dr. Tina and Shannon (nutritional response).  Every time I see Dr. Tina, she tells me how proud of me she is.  Shannon does too 🙂  makes me smile that other people see how hard I am working even when I hit a small road block.  Shannon and I talked about my bad runs and feeling run down again and how she popped into my head on my last run.  She thought that was great.  My adrenals are holding and doing pretty well, she noticed I need some support in my thyroid and gallbladder.  We talked about how my acid reflux was acting up.  So we added a couple supplements that should help with all of that.   I am behaving and not doing any exercise, I need to do some yoga stretches today to loosen up my hips and back.


When I get home today from work, it will be packing time to get ready for my very busy weekend.  I’m excited since I get some uninterrupted scrapbooking time with friends.  Then I will go on a 20+ mile bike ride on Sunday which will be great.   After my bike ride I will see how I feel, how I’m sleeping and what not and then decide if I can add something back in ( run or kettlebell) between Sunday and Thursday (Zumba day).   My hubby is great (no he did not pay me to say this :)) he got the treadmill tuned up so the belt is no longer slipping.  If I want to go for a run on Tuesday or Wednesday night then I can really easily.   I will post a weekend recap plus pictures probably on Monday when I an stop and think again.

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